Printeresting analyzes the role of print in contemporary culture, drawing new connections between art, design, and current events. We seek to reframe the discourse surrounding the fine art print, by clarifying the many ways in which print is central to contemporary art. Our approach is informed but irreverent, humorous but sincere.

Authored by multiple contributors, Printeresting hosts a wide-ranging combination of original writing and aggregated content. We present artwork, artist profiles, studio visits, reviews, coverage of conferences and art fairs, and more. We cast a wide net and eschew traditional hierarchies. We may find ourselves as interested in a photocopied flyer as we are in a major exhibition. Whether the topic is the mass-production of the past, or the mass-customization of the future, the subject is the multiple, and the multiple is the language of the contemporary world.

Over the years our collaboration has expanded offline, and we have completed numerous exhibitions and other curatorial productions. We continue to pursue these projects, but at the heart of what we do is this website: WWW.PRINTERESTING.ORG. Our growing archive of posts may represent the most comprehensive database of contemporary print practice. Printeresting is for artists, designers, printers, curators, collectors, teachers, students, and the generally curious. As such, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Let us know what you think, and please spread the word!

For more info about Printeresting, read Seriously Printeresting: An Interview with the Founders by Sarah Kirk Hanley on the Art21 Blog. You can also listen to an interview with Printeresting on The Book Arts and Poets Podcast hosted by Prof Steve Miller.