To Etch His Bone-B

Recently I enjoyed a bottle of National Bohemian beer, which in my hometown is well-known for its affordability and general lack of flavor. This drink, which is no longer produced locally, remains popular in Baltimore mostly due to its charming mascot.

bottlecap rebus

Personally I enjoy it largely because of the inscrutable rebus puzzles printed terribly on the inside of the twist-off bottlecaps. If you’re a few bottles in, good luck trying to solve these brain-teasers.

The rebus pictured above made me worry about the supply of bone black etching ink in the studio. That’s really all I have to share about this. But here’s some more, anyway:

This is apparently a marketing gimmick shared by several other bottling companies. According to this online database of rebus bottlecaps, they are sometimes called “Crown Ticklers.” Another brewer that continues to tickle crowns is Narragansett, which releases the solutions to its rebus puzzles online, spoiling half the fun.


the 2008 Narragansett Rebus puzzles

The worse these rebus puzzles are, and the more terribly they are printed, the more I love them.

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