Occasionally, Printeresting is asked to leave our computer monitors behind and do a project in the “real world”. Check out our projects, listed from most to least recent, below.

Ephemeral Sprawl

A Printeresting Curatorial Project in Collaboration with The Print Center

The Print Center
1614 Latimer Street
Philadelphia, PA

September 13 – November 23, 2013
& April 4 – June 7, 2014

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Ephemeral Sprawl, an exhibition of contemporary printed ephemera co-curated by The Print Center and the collaborative art blog and occasional arts producer, will be presented in two parts. First, September 13 – November 23, 2013, with an opening reception this Thursday, September 12th from 6:00-8:00pm, with a brief gallery talk by Amze Emmons of Printeresting and John Caperton, Jensen Bryan Curator, The Print Center, at 5:30pm. The second component will be on view from April 4 through June 7, 2014.

Ephemeral Sprawl is… well, a sprawling cultural and creative survey of the way printed ephemera has woven itself invisibly into our understanding of art and culture. The exhibition features a range of different types of printed material, including, historically significant objects, and selections from the ephemera collections of noted critics, curators, and institutional archives, all of which is put in conversation with work by contemporary artists. By placing historical, popular and creative works in close proximity, we hope to deepen the viewer’s understanding of how value is generated and accrued within a cultural context.

And we should say that the structure of the show is designed to be very modular and fluid – specifically, some of the work on display will rotate out over time, allowing for new contextual relationships to exist every few weeks. Beyond just rewarding the repeat visitors, we hope felt this model served two purposes, it allows us to show a much larger show in a much smaller space, and this model most closely resembles the way ephemeral printed material moves through our consciousness.

Many aspects of this exhibition were inspired by a series of publications (L’Ymagier and Perhinderion) edited by Alfred Jarry (the author of the 1896 play Ubu Roi and who is considered by many to be a progenitor of the modern avant-garde) that sought to put populist mass produced printed ephemera in conversation with works of historical significance, and the leading graphic work of his day (read more about these important and striking works here).

Ephemeral Sprawl is organized in concert with the venerable Library Company of Philadelphia‘s exhibition Remnants of Everyday Life: Historical Ephemera in the Workplace, Street, and Home, and the Ephemera Society of America‘s conference, Unmediated History: The Scholarly Study of 19th-Century Ephemera in September of 2013.

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Rum Riot Press

A Printeresting Curatorial Project

Space Gallery
538 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101

July 20- August 20, 2012
Opening Reception July 26, 5-7 PM
Zine Workshop July 28, 12-6 PM

Read our posts about Rum Riot Press!

Printeresting is pleased to present Rum Riot Press, a small press exposition of artist’s publications this summer at Space Gallery in Portland, Maine. Including work from over sixty artists, designers, and publishers from around the world, this exhibition runs from July 20 – August 20, 2012. There will be an opening reception on the evening of July 26.Rum Riot Pressexplores how DIY and small press publishing can foster communication and offer an alternative to mainstream media sources. Our invitation to collaborate with Space Gallery coincides with a major resurgence in self-publication, which is a mode of communication that offers agency to anyone willing to participate. Given the current small press explosion, now seems like a good time to marry the mistakes of the past with the possibility of the present.

The title of the exhibition, Rum Riot Press, alludes to a brief period of civil unrest that occurred in Portland over a hundred and fifty years ago. The so-called “Rum Riots” were sparked by an effort to prohibit the distribution of alcohol. The unrest was perpetuated by cultural misunderstandings between new and established residents, and a general failure of communication. We chose this moniker for our exhibition because Rum Riot Press will serve not only as a site of small press exhibition, but also of localized production. Rum Riot Press will operate as a functioning small press production and distribution site for the duration of the exhibition. With ‘zine workshops, readings, and related events, we hope to engage the Portland community in a conversation about the role print can play at this unique moment in history.

Featured Contributors:

A5 Magazine, Adam Wolpa, Aimee Lusty, Alex Lukas, Alexander Egger, Andrew Kozlowski, Angela Early, Art Codex, Book Bombs, Broadsheet, CC Comics, Chad Kouri/Proximity Magazine, Craig Atkinson/Cafe Royal Books, Daniel Glendening, Daniel Maw, David Sandlin, Delia Kovac, Dina Kelberman, Dustin Hostetler/UPSO, ELK, Erin Womack, Gary Kachadourian, Greg Pizzoli, Heidi Nelson, Holly Holly Hobby Hobby (Anni Altshuler & Leah Mackin), Ingrid Burrington, Jason Kachadourian, Jing Yu, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Katie Haegele/The La La Theory, Lizz Hickey, Machete, Marc Snyder, Marissaland, Mark Price/Zine of the Month, Matt Hopson-Walker, Megawords Magazine, Museum Press, Paul Windle, Pipa Fax, Purgatory Pie Press, Rand Renfrow, Sara Cwynar, Temporary Services, Tim Devin, Vice Versa Press, Yes, Ma’am Press, and many more!

Contributors making original zines for Printeresting Guide Zines are:

Kyle Durrie, Kevin Haas, Adrienne Herman, Jon Lee, Marie Lorenz, Beauvais Lyons, Michael Menchaca, Yoonmi Nam, Christopher Wallace, Triple Candie, and the Matthew Higgs Society.

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Printeresting Black

A Printeresting Project in collaboration with Gamblin Artists Colors
Read our posts about Printeresting Black!

Watch the Printeresting Black TRAILER!

To celebrate Printeresting’s fourth anniversary on April 24, 2012, we decided to get inky with our friends at Gamblin Artists Colors. We collaborated on a limited edition ink! We’re longtime fans of Gamblin’s Portland Black intaglio inks but we knew that Printeresting Black had to be something new and unique. After all, every printer knows that black is never just black. After numerous tests and experiments, late nights at our color mixing stations, various samples shipped all over the country, and multiple conference calls, we arrived at Printeresting Black. Of course, we can’t share our secret recipe, but we cantell you that it’s a rich, dark intaglio black with a blue-ish hue. Your plate tone will evoke the cool light of a computer monitor. It’s Printeresting Black!All fifty cans were given away to various printshops around the country.

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The California Printmaker

A Printeresting Editorial Project

California Society of Printmakers
Read our posts about The California Printmaker!

Featured Artists & Writers:

Xavier Antin, Andrew Remington Bailey, Aleksandra Domanovic, Stephanie Dotson, Johanna Drucker, Bill Fick, Tate Foley, Julia V. Hendrickson, Paul Laidler, Alex Lukas, Joseph Lupo, 
Daniel Maw, Louise Naunton Morgan, Roja Najaf, John Pyper, Rand Renfrow, Jenny Schmid, Sonnenzimmer, Buzz Spector, Derek Stroup, 
Breanne Trammell, Whitney Trettien, & Joe Winter.

And a huge thanks to our summer intern Sarah Smith who put in so much hard work on this project.

Printeresting ventures into publications with the 2011 edition of The California Printmaker, the annual journal of the Californis Society of Printmakers. It’s a 32-page exploration of the relationship of print to internet with a long list of contributors. It’s got it all: original writing, original print-related comics, artist profiles! We should also mention that this is the first edition of The California Printmaker to be printed in color and to include an offset poster insert.

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A Printeresting Curatorial Project

St. Louis Artists’ Guild and Galleries
2 Oak Knoll Park
Clayton, MO 63105-3008

January 23 – March 25, 2011
Two Exhibition Receptions:
Sunday, January 23, 1-3 PM
Thursday, March 17, 6-8 PM

Featured Artists:

Peeter Allik (Estonia)
Rob Carter (USA)
Phyllis McGibbon (USA)
Thomas Neulinger (Austria)
Lothar Osterburg (USA)
Project Lambe-Lambe (Brazil)
Andrew Raftery (USA)

Printeresting’s Past Present will take place in conjunction with the 2011 Southern Graphics Council International conference, Equilibrium, at Washington University in St. Louis’ Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. PAST PRESENTCuratorial StatementPast Presenthighlights the history of print as reflected in contemporary art practices. Why do some artists revel in history, when others choose to reject it? To understand the new, sometimes you have to look to the old. This exhibition features the work of six artists and one artist collaborative: Peeter Allik (Estonia), Rob Carter (USA), Phyllis McGibbon (USA),Thomas Neulinger(Austria), Lothar Osterburg (USA), Projeto Lambe-Lambe (Brazil), and Andrew Raftery (USA). These artists explore the language of the past to illuminate the present. Their investigations reveal the ways in which history continues to influence the contemporary discourse of print.To read more, click below:
Adobe PDF – Past Present Curatorial Statement (244 KB)

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A Printeresting Collaborative Project

Printeresting Plus AS220

November 26, 2010

Featured Artist:

Clarke Curtis

Printeresting PLUS Print

Printeresting PLUS Curatorial Statement

Printeresting+ is the new publishing arm of Printeresting. Collaboration is at the core of Printeresting+. The idea is to team-up with various print shops around the country (and maybe even around the world) to produce works we believe in.

Our first collaborators are AS220 Printshop in Providence, RI, hence Printeresting+AS220! In keeping with AS220′s mission of accessibility, we offered an open call for submissions. Any artist had a fair shot at this opportunity, and we had a ton of great work to cull thorough. It wasn’t easy, but ultimately we decided that Clarke Curtis was the right match. You may recognize his work from this post we did back in March. Clarke usually deploys intaglio techniques to produce his print/collages, so we were excited at the possibility of translating his aesthetic into screenprinting.

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A Printeresting Curatorial Project

Martin Gallery

Mulhenberg College

2400 Chew Street
Allentown, PA
November 17- December 18, 2010
Opening November 17th 4-6PM

Featured Artists:

Gary Kachadourian
Rob Swainston

Eva Wylie

Space 1026

4x4 Logo

4X4 Curatorial Statement

For the 4×4 exhibition three artists and one art collective will occupy the four walls of the Martin Art Gallery. We saw the white cube of the gallery as an arena; each artist is given one very large white wall as a point of departure. Our intention is not to stage a reality show challenge for your attention, but to give these artists a chance to build a new reality as they might like to imagine it.

The artists in 4×4 all demolish the historical expectations of print. Each artist creates work that leaves one in a state of awe and wonder. Rob Swainston works with traditional print processes but he leaves frame behind as he uses print to construct startling paper monuments. Eva Wylie brings a fresh take on appropriation and collage with her amazing site specific installations. Gary Kachadourian’s art work can be described as simultaneously, mundane, delicate, outrageous and truly, monumental. And what has not been said before about Space 1026? They are a spaceship powered by a poly-vocal engine that runs on glee and leaves piles of art in its wake.

Four walls, four explosive print installations. What more can we say?

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A Printeresting Curatorial Project

The Printer's Ball

at The Printers’ Ball

The Luddington Building
1104 S. Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL

One Night Only!

Friday, July 30, 2010, 6-11PM
(makin’ copies from 6-9 PM)

Featured Artists:

Abra AncliffeJesse AlbrechtBaltimore Print StudiosChristian BokGlen Baldridge Diana BehlKate Bingaman-BurtIngrid BurringtonAllison ColeBill Donovan Christa DonnerJohanna DruckerFriends Make Prints (Nic Annette Miller & Emily Bunnell) • Tate FoleyFOUND Magazine Kenneth GoldsmithDusty HerbigAdriane HermanDustin Amery HostetlerHolly Holly Hobby Hobby (Leah Mackin & Anni Altshuler) • Rod HuntingDan Grzeca
JUDGEChad KouriEmily Larned Jimmy LuuSean KuhnkeRobin McDowellBill McRightLeslie MutchlerMatt NeffJena OsmanAdam PendletonMark Price
QuinnFavianna RodriguezErik Ruin & Cindy MilsteinJulia Schwadron Jennifer SchmidtScott SherkEsther K. SmithSonnenzimmerRyan Standfest
Wendy Collin SorinMolly Springfield
SuperKonductorTemporary ServicesBrad VetterCardon Copy/Cardon WebbBrian WigginsWill Work for Good (Kevin O’ Neill & Karisa Senavitis)

Copy Jam! 2

COPY JAM! 2: Text EditionThis Summer, PRINTERESTING wants to meet our readers in the Windy City! On Friday July 30, we will host an encore performance of our Copy Jam! at the Printers’ Ball at Luddington Building in beautiful, downtown Chicago, IL. The Ball is co-sponsored by Poetrymagazine as well as the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College and the Student Affairs Offices at Columbia College. Because the Printers’ Ball has its roots in the literary world, we asked all participating artists to give us work that incorporates text in some way.”COPY JAM!” will be an interactive print event. During the party, fifty works by fifty artists will be displayed in a grid on the wall. Upon arrival, each guest will be handed a complimentary ticket that can be exchanged for one black & white photocopy of any work the guest chooses. There will be no sales; one ticket equals one copy. Copies will be made LIVE in the gallery for one night only from 6-9PM!All are welcome, and we hope to see you there.Additional information on Printeresting’s Copy Jam! is available HERE and more information regarding The Printers’ Ball is available HERE.

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A Printeresting Curatorial Project

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction


116 North Third Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

One Night Only:
March 25, 2010
6-9 PM

Read our posts about Copy Jam!

Featured Artists:

Abra AncliffeJennifer D. AndersonDiana BaumbachLaura BermanKate Bingaman-BurtLisa BulawskyAllison Cole Stephanie DotsonJoseph D’UvaBill Fick
Tate FoleyGaiaKenneth GoldsmithRona GreenTalia GreeneKevin HaasNathan HaenleinAdriane HermanHot Iron Press Holly Holly Hobby Hobby (Leah Mackin & Anni Altshuler) • Rod HuntingGary Kachadourian Andrew KozlowskiKaren LedererAlex LukasValerie LuethLittle Friends of PrintmakingJanet MarcavageRobin McDowellBen MoreauMatt NeffGreg PizzoliMark PriceJustinQuinnCurt ReadelPaul RodenDora Lisa Rosenbaum Jennifer SchmidtEsther K. SmithMarc SnyderWendy Collin SorinEmily Sullivan Jon SwindlerCamilla TaylorWill Work for Good (Kevin O’ Neill & Karisa Senevatis)
Kyle Van HornAaron WilsonAndy Moon WilsonImin YehMichaela Colette Zacchilli

Copy Jam!

COPY JAM! This Spring, PRINTERESTING wants to meet our readers in the City of Brotherly Love! On Thursday March 25, we will host a reception at Philadelphia’s Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. This event will coincide with Mark Remarque, the 2010 conference of SGC International, and the city-wide festival Philagrafika 2010.”COPY JAM!” will be an interactive print event. During the party, fifty works by fifty artists will be displayed in a grid on the wall. Upon arrival, each guest will be handed a complimentary ticket that can be exchanged for one black & white photocopy of any work the guest chooses. There will be no sales; one ticket equals one copy. Copies will be made LIVE in the gallery for one night only!All are welcome, and we hope to see you there.

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Ephemera Swap

A Printeresting Event

EFA logo

The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

323 West 39th St., 2nd Floor
NY, New York 10018

The Print Center

The Print Center

1614 Latimer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

December 14, 2009
March 20, 2010
December 11, 2010

Swap History:

Our first Swap at the EFA
Our second Swap at The Print Center
Our third Swap at the EFA

Ephemera Swap - Dec. 2010

Printeresting Ephemera Swap Statement

To date there have been three Printeresting Ephemera Swaps, two in New York and one in Philadelphia. Participants are invited to bring your prints, posters, photocopy art, zines, comix, buttons, t-shirts, stickers, chapbook, mail art and any other form of multiple that is ripe for distribution. The Swap is intended for creators to trade the stuff they’ve made with other creative-types (no sales, only trades) and embrace the gift economy made possible through mass production! Drop us a line if you’re interested in having us organize a swap in your city!

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A Printeresting Curatorial Project

EFA logo

The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

323 West 39th St., 2nd Floor
NY, New York 10018

November 5 – December 19, 2009
Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 7
6-9 PM

Featured Artists:

Glen BaldridgeKate Bingaman-BurtColby BirdLydia DiemerGeoff HargadonM. Ho Matthew Hopson-WalkerPackard Jennings Gary KachadourianChad KouriMichael KruegerMegaWords MagazineJulian MontagueCarlos MottaLeslie Mutchler Scott NoblesAdam PendletonPost TypographyEvan RothKim RuggDexter SinisterStephanie SyjucoTemporary ServicesRachel Perry WeltyLiz Zanis

One Every Day logo

One Every Day Curatorial Statement: It’s the detritus that we find tucked under our windshield, the debris we empty from our pockets at the end of the day. It’s the trading card from childhood that never appreciated in value, but we treasure nonetheless. It’s the gig-poster that begs to be removed from the telephone pole and squirreled away in a drawer. We could name many varieties of print ephemera, each with its own obscure origins. Regardless of physical form, all these things share three characteristics: fleeting function, low-cost means of production, and the fact that somebody out there loves them.To read more, click below:
Adobe PDF – One Every Day Curatorial Statement (552 KB)

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