Nineteen Observations

Nineteen observations. Some more obvious than others. All reinforced by the last seven years spent working on the Printeresting blog.

Print is not dead. It isn’t even dying.

Media-specific conversations don’t have to be limiting.

Printmaking, as a label, can hurt as much as it helps.

Interesting is the most relative term ever.

If everything is good, than nothing is great.

Ambitious art is often bigger (talking scale here not just size) than a press bed.

Make less formulaic work and take more risks.

Technique for technique’s sake is a recursive pursuit.

Being a consummate craftsperson isn’t enough.

That said, craft does matter.

Context matters, too.

Choose your soundtrack carefully; bad music makes even the best video impossible to watch.

Fair or not, the quality of documentation can make or break the work.

The world needs fewer press releases and more well-written artists statements.

Everyone wants a review but very few people want to write one. Dialogue requires participation.

For better or worse, online, a handful of people can be an army.

Geographic limitations can be a strength. In fact, most limitations are actually misunderstood strengths.

Doing something that is successful doesn’t mean you have keep doing that same something forever.

There is no correct way to pronounce “printeresting.”

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One Response to “Nineteen Observations”

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