A Printer’s Diary: Last Words

As the Professional Printer Training Program draws to a close, I asked my classmates to reflect on their experiences at Tamarind over the past eight months. They happily obliged. Jackie Riccio says: Participating in the PTP program at Tamarind afforded me the technical knowledge to practice lithography at a professional level. I often find myself between mediums, and have enjoyed the opportunity to become a master at this craft. I have fallen for lithography because of its highly varied mark, which the collaborative class this Spring has exemplified. The collaborative nature of the medium, both with artists and studio mates has been the most rewarding part of my experience. I plan to continue Lithography in my future as part of my greater artistic practice. Danielle Blevins says: Oh boy! If I’ve learned anything during my time at Tamarind it is to listen to your fellow printers and be nosey. The world of lithography is so complex, and people run into new snags everyday. Artists and printers work through hang-ups in totally different ways and I’ve learned so much just by hanging out and troubleshooting with other printers by the press. I’m excited to leave Tamarind and work professionally with other artists and potentially start my own collaborative community space. Alice Gauthier says: As an artist I was already excited about lithography before I came to the Tamarind; I am even more today! It has been incredible eight months learning this difficult process. Rodney starts from the beginning, and does his best to teach us everything he knows. It's great! This training is an intense experience before going back to Europe where I would like to work as an artist-printmaker within a professional printmaking workshop and develop my practice. Candice Malyn Corgan says: Before coming to Tamarind, I honestly thought I was a good lithographer. Boy was I wrong. After only two months in the Professional Printer Training Program, I could already see an amazing difference in my practice. I went from being a shy and intimidated student to a confident printer. Looking back, all I can do is criticize the work I made before coming to Tamarind. I found my love for litho in my undergrad, now I have, as Rodney would say, 'all the tools in my tool box,' to make anything happen in lithography. Recently I was selected to stay for the second year, Master Printer Training Program, where I will be able to continue my practice in the Tamarind method. After, I would like to apply for graduate programs, and then eventually form my own shop. Amanda Mulvey says: Man, this year went fast. I've learned so much valuable information and I cannot wait to share it with anyone willing to listen! We learned everything the “tamarind Way,” from sharping our skills etching traditional crayon drawings and tusche washes to making mylars to shoot and develop photo plates. It's been great ride and I met some of the most talented people I now know. It is an awesome environment being in a print shop; seeing the collaborative side of the shop with active artists coming in to work for a few weeks at a time is inspiring.I am also so glad that I got to work with our educational director, Rodney Hamon before he retires this year coming up. The next step for me would be to get in contact with any shop possible within the NY-NJ areas (or even further) to see if I can get some work printing! I am so appreciative that I had this experience at Tamarind and I hope you had fun following us through it. In closing, thanks to Printeresting and Tamarind for allowing me to blog about my experiences in the program this past year. My experience at Tamarind has been a rewarding one-- at times equal parts fun and frustrating-- and I look forward to setting up shop sooner rather than later. I'd also like to thank all the wonderful folks we worked with in the UNM Art and Art History Department this past semester, especially the ever-gracious Brooke Steiger who keeps the UNM print studio running like a dream. I wish all the retiring and incoming staff at Tamarind a smooth transition full of excitement, newfound potential and boundless energy. To my talented and creative classmates, I can't wait to see what y'all are doing and making ten years from now! XO!Bookmark / Share / Print
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