Thesis: Lindsay Deifik

The academic engine that fuels so much artistic print production and inquiry hits a fever pitch at this time of year with students at all levels of higher education producing culminate work toward their various degrees. The future of print belongs to these young minds so why not survey what they’re making. Printeresting will be sharing a sampling of thesis work from all over the US and beyond in a series called All These Theses.

Lindsay Deifik is receiving an MFA in Printmaking from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Here is a brief statement…

My practice uses digital and traditional print technologies, drawing, and sculpture. I am concerned with the lenses with which we view our external lived environment as well as the lenses of introspection. My basic questions are: What social and political apparatuses are at work inside of us that separate the natural from the cultivated– and in what ways do they make themselves known in our behaviors? What perceptual truths do we keep hidden from others? From ourselves?

My most recent body of sculptural images manipulates and perverts urban patterning and Romantic Landscapes to question givens that are often taken for granted. The works intend to quietly announce themselves- via subtle sculptural shifts that push into viewers’ physical space. I primarily use silk-screened fiber etching on Satin and Velvet, Silks, Wood, Steel and Glass to meet these ends.











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  1. Herb Fried says:

    Outstanding work!