SGCI 2015: Open Portfolio- Round 2

This is the second of three open portfolio posts. In keeping with the tradition it was an entirely over-the-top print-plosion with lots of inspiring artwork by new and seasoned talent.

IMG 0575

IMG 0576

Landon Perkins

IMG 0579

Hyeyoung Shin (above).

IMG 0582

Zach Clifford (above).

IMG 0592

IMG 0593

Adrienne Henry

IMG 0594

IMG 0595

IMG 0597

The epic work of Raj Bunnag, above.


IMG 0602

IMG 0603

Andrea Parham

IMG 0605

Sula Medovoy

IMG 0606

IMG 0607

IMG 0608

IMG 0611

Michael Barnes wishes you good luck!

IMG 0612

Margaret Hitch

IMG 0614

Conor Baldry

IMG 0615

Aaron Coleman

IMG 0618

IMG 0619

Orange barrel Industries

IMG 0621

Jessie Horning

IMG 0623

 OU Posters.

All of these photographs were compiled from a number of our contributors and posted with a mind toward timeliness. With that in mind, we know we haven’t been able to label all of these photos. We want to credit work wherever possible and we will work to rectify that if you can help. If you see someone you know let us know in the comments and we will update the post.

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7 Responses to “SGCI 2015: Open Portfolio- Round 2”

  1. Anne Muntges says:

    Third photo down, the unfolded book with the feet printed on the pages, is done by artist Hyeyoung Shin.

  2. henry says:

    fourth image down is zach clifford!

  3. Photo 2 is Landon Perkins!

  4. casey b says:

    Photo below the Good Luck print of the portraits is by Margaret Hitch!

  5. David says:

    the 11th image from the top is Andrea Parham.

  6. Eric Sweet says:

    The Martha Stewart sequin print was done by Adrienne Henry.

  7. The 6th one from the bottom with geometric forms is one of my students from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Conor Baldry