SGCI 15: Open Portfolio- Round: 1

This is the first of three open portfolio posts. In keeping with the tradition it was an entirely over-the-top print-plosion with lots of inspiring artwork by new and seasoned talent

IMG 0650

IMG 0649

Morgan Wedderspoon

IMG 0648

Jake Jernigan

IMG 0647

Rodrigo Pacheco

IMG 0646

Tonja Torgerson

IMG 0644
Adrienne Miller

IMG 0641

IMG 0640

Marissa Finazzo

IMG 0638

Johanna Winters

IMG 0637

IMG 0634

IMG 0633

IMG 0632

IMG 0631
Seth Daulton

IMG 0630

Barry O’Keefe

IMG 0628

IMG 0627

The amazing Kathryn Polk!

IMG 0626

All of these photographs were compiled from a number of our contributors and posted with a mind toward timeliness. We know we haven’t been able to label all of these photos. We want to credit work wherever possible and we will work to rectify that if you can help. If you see someone you know let us know in the comments and we will update the post.

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10 Responses to “SGCI 15: Open Portfolio- Round: 1”

  1. Second from the bottom is the amazing Kathryn Polk.

  2. Amze, did you take these? I wish you had said hey bc I guess I didn’t recognize you. Mine is the maze print right below Tonja’s

  3. Seth Daulton says:

    4th from the bottom is me! Seth Daulton. Thanks for sharing my work!

    Also, 6th from the top is Adrienne Miller and 3rd from the top is Jake Jernigan.

  4. Seth Daulton says:

    4th from the bottom is me! Seth Daulton. Thanks for sharing my work!

    Also, 3rd from the top is Jake Jernigan.

  5. Amze Emmons says:

    Hi Adrianne,
    I actually think the image of your work was taken by the intrepid Josh Dannin. We divided the floor up to try and cover the whole sprawling event. Sorry I missed talking you!

  6. Eric Sweet says:

    Photo number 8 (half sleeved-half assed) is Marissa Finazzo.

  7. Thanks for sharing my work! I’m 9th from the top — Johanna Winters.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    Fourth photo is Rodrigo Pacheco. Thanks!

  9. Morgan says:

    Thanks for sharing my work! Mine is the first portfolio table — Morgan Wedderspoon

  10. Where did this event take place? It’s super cool that printmaking still thrives and the artists and their work in this expo.