Thesis: Jenny Harp

The academic engine that fuels so much artistic print production and inquiry hits a fever pitch at this time of year with students at all levels of higher education producing culminate work toward their various degrees. The future of print belongs to these young minds so why not survey what they’re making. Printeresting will be sharing a sampling of thesis work from all over the US and beyond in a series called All These Theses.

Jenny Harp is receiving an MFA from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Her thesis exhibition, Gradient Fill, consists of works mimicking the look of digital with the analog media. We don’t label them individually below but most pieces are monotype, chine colle, screen print, and hand work (marker, ballpoint pen, pastel) on paper. The black and white pieces are aquatint etchings. Here’s Jenny’s statement…

When I was seven my Dad brought home our first computer and I began making digital drawings. First I used Kid Pix and Microsoft Paint then upgraded to Photoshop and Corel Painter. I have a box full of drawings made with crayon and marker tucked away in my parents’ garage, yet only one of these digital drawings remains ‑ an image that was printed out and glued inside a my third grade report about harp seals.

Gradient Fill reaches into the past and imagines what might have been saved. Using contemporary paint programs I mimic my younger self and quickly draw and test out brushes with current versions of Photoshop and Corel Painter. I transfer these drawings to paper by hand in attempt to save them from digital obsolescence. Layer by layer, the time spent creating goes from minutes to days or weeks. The inaccuracies of my hand point to the failure of translation from the digital into the physical, and questions what we may lose as we digitize our lives.

Brush Archive - Photoshop CS3 Extended, Single-Channel Video

Gradient Fill, Install

Gradient Fill, Gradient Squiggles, Texture Comb, and Outer Glow - Monotype

\  Hard Mechanical with Outer Glow, Etching

Mechanical Pencil with Hue Saturation Value Jitter and Fiery Neon Flat Brush - Silkscreen, Acrylic, Ballpoint Pen and Pastel on Paper

Piano Keys, Etching

Pixel String, Spring Cobweb, and Gradient Fill - Ballpoint Pen, Gesso, and Monotype on Paper

Pixel Spray, Worn Jitter Marker, and Gradient Flat Brush - Monotype, silkscreen and marker on paper

Real Dry Flat with Hue Saturation Value Jitter, Spray Paint and Hard Mechanical with Gradient Fill - Marker and Pastel on Paper

Tarmac with Drop Shadow, Etching


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4 Responses to “Thesis: Jenny Harp”

  1. nathan haenlein says:

    I’m beaming! Good Job Jenny!

  2. kp says:

    meh. I would’ve liked the work better if I hadn’t read the statement.

  3. Jade says: