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Holding the distinction of the only communal printshop in the Richmond, VA area (as well as being a certified non-profit), Studio Two Three (S23) is headed for big things. When I visited in December, the studio had just started preparing for their move to a new space a few miles away from their current location—a move that will more than double their space as well as offer a classroom, break area, a large number of private studios, as well as professionally designed lab and shop spaces. I was lucky enough to meet with the Executive Director of S23, Ashley Hawkins, who gave me a showing of the new space. Though in currently in demolition mode, the place has great bones and great potential, and it was obvious that Hawkins is excited about the future of the space and the studio itself.


Studio Two Three started in 2008 as a small communal space run by Hawkins and a few friends, located in the number twenty-three studio in Plant Zero Artist Studios in Manchester, on the southside of Richmond. From there it grew into its current space at 1617 W. Main St., in the Uptown Arts District of Richmond, where it houses facilities for screenprint, lithography, intaglio, relief, ferric and citric acid etch, as well as a gallery space, digital lab, and four private artist studios. The studio hosts classes on printmaking and artist practices, gallery openings, community events and lectures; it collaborates with area arts institutions to reach low-income communities and to organize events such as the Richmond Street Art Festival; through it all, it offers 24-hour access to artist residents, with opportunities to teach classes and participate in print fairs and other artist-made fairs and events. S23’s new location, known as “The Addition,” will be in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond at 3300 W. Clay St.

IMG_1098 (2)

Outside of the new space at 3300 W. Clay St.

IMG_1102 (2)

Ashley’s son Max was our tour guide!

IMG_1104 (2)

The new space is still in demo-mode, but has great potential! Designed to Ashley and the board’s specs based on research and necessity, the space will be perfect for the studio’s growing artist community.

IMG_1106 (2) IMG_1107 (2) IMG_1108 (2) IMG_1109 (2)

IMG_1114 (2)

The front door of the current studio space at 1617 W. Main St.

IMG_1115 (2)

IMG_1127 (2)

Beautiful, huge vacuum unit!

IMG_1126 (2)

A dirty tarletan is a gorgeous thing.

IMG_1124 (2)

Pro washout booth!

IMG_1120 (2)


IMG_1116 (2)

Sweet handmade signs!

IMG_1149 (2)

Ashley’s office. Check out the studio pet on top of the flat files.

IMG_1119 (2) IMG_1118 (2) IMG_1117 (2)

IMG_1121 (2)


IMG_1123 (2) IMG_1122 (2)

IMG_1133 (2) IMG_1132 (2) IMG_1131 (2) IMG_1130 (2) IMG_1128 (2)

IMG_1146 (2)

Sound life advice.

IMG_1144 (2)

Digital Lab.

IMG_1138 (2)

Super sweet hangout space.

IMG_1134 (2)

IMG_1139 (2) IMG_1140 (2) IMG_1141 (2) IMG_1142 (2)

If you’re interested in visiting the studio when you’re in town, contact Ashley at The studio’s website is, where you can donate to their funding campaign for the move to The Addition, set to happen in April 2015.

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  1. Liz Maugans says:

    Love Studio 23. Bravo!