Habitats are Limited

Photographic documentation of life-sized screenprints from "Habitats are Limited"

Photographic documentation of life-sized screenprints from “Habitats are Limited”

Habitats are Limited is a recently completed video focusing on Corinne Teed‘s project of the same name. The work features a screenprint installation and public discussion done in collaboration with the Macbride Raptor Center in Solon, IA. The Macbride Raptor Project “is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of Iowa’s raptors and their natural habitats.” The installation and event, held in April of 2014, was intended to explore the notion of interspecies empathy at a critical moment of habitat destruction and species loss.

Habitats are Limited was Corinne Teed’s MA Thesis at University of Iowa’s Printmaking program so technically this post could be filed under our All These Theses feature but it doesn’t feel right in early January. The video was shot and edited by Kristen DeGree, a graduate of both Iowa’s Printmaking and Intermedia programs. Guest speakers for Habitats are Limited were Jodeane Cancilla, Mary Trachsel, and Vanessa Fixmer-Oraiz, as well as numerous other residents who came to share their concerns about animals and climate change.

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