Looking Back – Looking Ahead!

Happy New Year!

We hope you bid an Auld Lang Syne & all that to 2014!
Between, the publication of Manual, receiving the SGCI Writing/Publishing Award, and publishing well over a hundred posts covering everything from, exhibition reviews, studio visits, interviews, printshop tours, and artist features, it was quite a year!

Wow. 2015.
It seems like only yesterday we cobbled together fourteen dollars, purchased the domain name Printeresting.org (can you believe it was still available!?), and hung our sign on the ol’ internet. But in truth, it was 2008 and almost seven years have passed! In that time, we’ve accomplished a lot, largely with your help, but more about that later; where are our manners? Always lead with the headline:

On April 24th of 2015, the seventh anniversary of Printeresting.org, we will make our last post to the blog.
To be clear, this does not mean the end of Printeresting. We will transition from what has been primarily a journalistic collaboration into something more akin to what the Wertheim sisters call a ‘Feral Institution’ (here and here). Printeresting.org will still be our online hub, but we will dedicate our efforts to “real world” projects. We’re still working out the details, but our future plans include a deeper engagement with the possibilities of print publication. We will continue to investigate, discern, frame, and write about interesting print miscellany. We will continue to collaborate, as a trio, with others, and, we hope, with you. The future is full of potential, and we think its time to explore new possibilities.

A practical question: what will happen to the site after April 24th? For the near future, we’ll maintain the back catalog of posts as an archive (and possibly use it as a way to showcase future projects). In the long term, we’re looking into an institutional host who might preserve it as a research archive.

We’re excited about this decision but it was tough one. Printeresting, the blog, has been a big part of our lives. We chose the anniversary as an end date, because it allows us to end the blog with momentum. Stay tuned! We got a few months worth of exciting new posts up our sleeves. And if you ever planned on writing something for Printeresting- a review of a show, an editorial essay, an interview with an artist, a printshop tour- this is your chance. Submit a post.

2015 is going to be a great year!

-Amze, RL, & Jason

PS. Any of you interested in taking advantage of our last few months of flurried activity by paying for a sponsored ad button (we’re running a special rate), please reach out to us at contact@printeresting.org. We’d be happy to have your financial support as we segue from web-based to a more costly “real world” publishing model!


A screen shot from golden age Printeresting.

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2 Responses to “Looking Back – Looking Ahead!”

  1. Judith Baumann says:

    Totally excited for y’all. Thanks for allowing us to ride shotgun on such a fantastic voyage.

  2. Tony Linde says:

    An always fascinating and informative site. Let’s hope someone else picks up the journalistic reins and all the best of luck to you all in your new ventures.