Have a Very Printeresting Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

This post, beyond being a weird round-up of Thanksgiving related print miscellany, is gesture of our gratitude toward our community of readers. We hope this finds you somewhere cozy with people whose company you don’t mind overly much.


John James Aududon’s Great American Cock (Wild Turkey).


An oldie but goodie post about 3D Printed turkey and laser engraving ham.
Further evidence that combining printing and food is often gross.


Makerbot’s Martha Stewart line of votive candle holders, coasters, and napkin holders.
If you are still scrambling to kit out your Thanksgiving spread, it may not be too late to print it!


Maya Hayuk’s screen print Tonight is Kind of Special, printed at the amazing Kayrock.
..because we hope you have a special night!


Tugboat Printshop’s woodcut, RV.
Because home is where you make it and adorable.

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One Response to “Have a Very Printeresting Thanksgiving!”

  1. I am thankful to Printeresting for all you do!!!!!!!