Edwin Pickstone

typeBlock1Type block, a small sculptural forms which question the state and whereabouts of the millions of tons of lead type removed from the commercial print industry in the 20th Century. Produced using found type and a Monotype Caster.

Edwin Pickstone is a British designer and letterpress printer who runs the Caseroom, a letterpress workshop at the Glasgow School of art. As his website succinctly states, “focusing on the material nature of print Pickstone uses letterpress equipment in his own work as well as collaborating with artists and designers on a wide range of projects. His work spans academic, artistic and design worlds, with particular interest in the history of typography, graphic design, print and the nature of the book.”

Some other work from similar projects can be seen here: http://www.japandesign.ne.jp/HTM/REPORT/scotland/02/

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17Not exactly a traditional lockup.

And here’s a link to a great interview about a collaboration between Pickstone and Turkish writer Ece Temelkuran and how dust can be used as a design medium. See some pics…

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