Hoptober Pressed

Each year, Porridge Papers invites the Lincoln, Nebraska creative community to participate in Hoptober Pressed, a letterpress art show featuring a subject that brings many people together, beer. It is carried throughout the process from the very beginning in the beer paper and can be found the night of the show being served up the by local breweries.

In the months leading up to Hoptober Pressed, the team at Porridge Papers gets to work on making a small batch of beer paper. Spent grains from Modern Monks brewery get tossed into the resident Hollander beater along with recycled paper fibers to blend into a fine pulp. Sheets of paper are then skillfully formed by hand to create the paper, one at a time. After being cut down, each sheet is ready to make its run through the Vandercook to receive each artists beer themed design. Porridge Papers welcomes the public to stop in the night of the event and view each print with a beer in hand.


Handmade Beer Paper


Gallery space


Hoptober Pressed

Josh Collinsworth

Anthony Banks

Anthony Banks

Ian Hubert

Ian Hubert, letterpress beer print


Participating artists for 2014 include Jared Heintzelman, Mike Hegberg, Jacob Chapman, Bruce Hartford III, Ian Huebert, Janelle Stevenson, Bennett Holzworth, Rachel Svoboda, Anthony Banks, and Lydia Frederick.

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