Print Isn’t Dead


The Onion‘s recent farcical obituary, Print Dead at 1,803reminded us of PRINT ISN’T DEAD, a recent publication by People of Print. While not intended to be a dropped gauntlet to the Onion’s satire it does serve. If you missed the People of Print PRINT ISN’T DEAD kickstarter, you can still track down a few issues via their webstore, and a few select locations in the UK.

Our friends at POP describe the publication as:

A showcase of outstanding illustration and design work demonstrating and pushing the boundaries of print in all forms. PRINT ISN’T DEAD is structured around interviews, articles, features and a directory. We set out to feature and promote the very essence of print and how it is used in both the creative and industrious worlds. From illustration to product design, from current printing trends to traditional methods from around the world.

The publication features include contributions by: People in Photobooth, SB Studio, Anna Lomax, Risotto, Build, Masha Kovalevskaya, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Crumb Cabin, Spike Print Studio, The Archivist, Bunny Bissoux, Jan & Randoald, James Lunn, New North Press, Shelter Press and Age of Reason.

The publication ended up being printed by the Pureprint Group (on Fedrigoni paper in CMYK + Pantone 805c).


For the curious, we’ll lead you on a little tour of the book; but if you want to order a copy, do it soon. Supplies are limited and when they are gone, they are gone.









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