Print Scholars Unite!

apsPrint scholars unite! For those among us who’ve complained about the need for more critical print discourse and/or more ways to discover the work of the print-related scholarship, The Association of Print Scholars (APS) has arrived. Initiated just recently by Britany Salsbury, Alison Chang, and Christina Weyl, the Association of Print Scholars’ core mission is “to encourage innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to print scholarship.”

Membership is open to “anyone who is enthusiastic about print scholarship, across all geographic regions and chronological periods.”  While print artists and practitioners are certainly welcome, the thrust of the APS’ mission won’t be showcasing portfolios. They will be focusing on the dialogue surrounding print- on writers, curators, collectors, academics, historians, grad students, paper conservators, critics, independent scholars, dealers, etc. As they say, “we hope the group will bring together a global network of print enthusiasts who want to contribute to advancing the field.”

APS has charged Printeresting’s very own web designers, Gato Gordo Digital Creative, to construct a site that will function as a hub of print scholarship (books, articles, CFPs, lectures, dissertations, etc.).  The APS website is scheduled to launch in early 2015. They’re using an indiegogo campaign to jumpstart the endeavor and with their modest goals met in less than two days of a sixty day campaign calendar, it looks like APS is on it’s way to being a new force in the print world.

For further information, you can contact, or visit


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One Response to “Print Scholars Unite!”

  1. Bill Ritchie says:

    An idea whose time has come – good for you!