2nd International Mokuhanga Conference (Part 2)

3331 Arts Chiyoda

The 2nd International Mokuhanga Conference was held in Tokyo earlier in September.  The conference took place at two venues, and in my first post, I focused on the events held at the main venue, the Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai).  This post will focus on the events held at the satellite venue, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, where the emphasis was on community and dialog.  3331 Arts Chiyoda was a former junior high school building that began its new life several years ago as a multidisciplinary art complex.  It is now home to contemporary art galleries, exhibition and event spaces, studios for artists, and office spaces for arts organizations.  In this space, the organizers did a thoughtful job of creating events and exhibitions to promote conversations and connections among the artists, makers, vendors, and organizations.


All mokuhanga printmakers know that good quality paper is one of the most important ingredients in a successful mokuhanga print.  At the trade fair, there were papermakers and vendors from Japan, as well as distributors from outside of Japan.  In addition to the trade fair, there was an evening forum called “Paper Dialogue” where the same papermakers and vendors engaged with the conference participants, and shared information, suggestions, benefits and challenges.

Vendor Fair 01

Trade Fair at 3331 Arts Chiyoda

Vendor Fair 02


Another interesting forum showcased international artist residencies, printmaking studios and institutions from around the world.  It was called “AIR & Studio Showcase”, and there were brief presentations by each institution.  A reception followed the presentations, where all participants had an opportunity to engage further in one-on-one conversations.  An impressive array of works from all the participating institutions were exhibited in the main gallery space at 3331 Arts Chiyoda.  I did my best to note artists’ names, but inevitably, I missed some, and some works were not labeled.  If you know information about artists’ works that I’ve missed, please feel free to identify them in the comment section below.

AIR Open Forum 01

Presentations by representatives from each institution

AIR Open Forum 02

Main Gallery in 3331 Arts Chiyoda

AIR Open Forum 03

Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts (Poland), prints by Dariusz Kaca

AIR Open Forum 04

Jan van Eyck Academie (The Netherlands)

AIR Open Forum 05

East London Printmakers (UK)

AIR Open Forum 06

AIR Open Forum 07

Glasgow Print Studio (UK)

AIR Open Forum 08

AIR Open Forum 09

Fujigraphics Studio (Japan)

AIR Open Forum 10

druckstelle (Germany), prints by Eva Pietzcker

AIR Open Forum 11

Donkey Mill Art Center (USA)

AIR Open Forum 12

AIR Open Forum 13

Constellation Studios (USA), print by Karen Kunc

AIR Open Forum 14

AIR Open Forum 15

Yasu Shibata

AIR Open Forum 16

Kathy Puzey

AIR Open Forum 17

AIR Open Forum 18

Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (The Netherlands)

AIR Open Forum 19

Kitamura Mokuhanga Studio (Japan)

AIR Open Forum 20

Shoichi Kitamura

AIR Open Forum 21

Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium)

AIR Open Forum 22

AIR Open Forum 23

Melbourne Printmaking (Australia)

AIR Open Forum 24

Nagasawa 01

Nagasawa Art Park (Japan)

Nagasawa 02

MI-LAB (Japan)

Nagasawa 03

Nel Pak

Nagasawa 04

Mia O (left), Katie Baldwin (center), Mariko Jesse (right)

Nagasawa 05

Eva Pietzcker

Nagasawa 06

Raita Miyadera

Nagasawa 07

Hiroki Satake

Nagasawa 08

Melissa Schulenberg


In addition to exhibitions organized by the conference committee, there were some interesting print exhibitions around town that opened for the conference.  Gallery Jin is located in the 3331 Arts Chiyoda building, and it shows works by young Japanese artists.  During the conference, they presented a group exhibition titled “The Kingdom of Prints – Mokuhan Village”, which featured 6 young Japanese artists using mokuhanga as their medium.

Exhibitions 01

Kurumi Wakaki

Exhibitions 03

Kurumi Wakaki (left), Junko Hayakawa (right)

Exhibitions 04

Kurumi Wakaki

Exhibitions 05

Exhibitions 06

Shoji Miyamoto

Exhibitions 07

Shoji Miyamoto

Exhibitions 08

Yuriko Takimoto


“Crossflows 4: Five International Artists Interpret Japanese Woodblock” at Gallery Saoh & Tomos was another exhibition that opened to coincide with the conference.  This show included prints by five international artists, Moya Bligh (Ireland), Wayne Crothers (Australia), Paul Furneaux (Scotland), Vimonmarn Khanthachavana (Thailand), and Ralph Kiggell (England).

Exhibitions 09

View inside Gallery Saoh & Tomos during closing reception, Wayne Crothers’ print by the window

Exhibitions 15

Moya Bligh

Exhibitions 10

Ralph Kiggell

Exhibitions 11

Paul Furneaux

Exhibitions 12

Wayne Crothers

Exhibitions 13

Ralph Kiggell

Exhibitions 14

Ralph Kiggell (front), Vimonmarn Khanthachavana (back)


During the daytime, we moved between the two conference venues and tried to take everything in.  Occasionally we ventured out into the vast city of Tokyo, looking for paper shops, tool shops, and galleries.  Almost every night, there were parties and receptions organized by the IMC (International Mokuhanga Conference) committee.  The organizers made sure that both our minds and bodies were fed.  There wasn’t an official announcement about the next conference, but there were certainly some rumors floating around.  Hopefully, we can do this again in another three years!

03 Nagasawa & MI-LAB Party

Nagasawa/MI-LAB Artist Residency Alumni Party

04 Closing Reception

Closing Reception at the Tokyo University of the Arts


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  1. What a wonderfull meeting and such a good initiative I wish it will happen again in three years

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  3. Great coverage, thank you very much Yoonmi. It was an amazing conference, every minute was full. I traveled to Mi-Lab residency afterwards for a three day visit, also great.

  4. Terry says:

    Thanks Yoonmi!