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Ed. Note: Longtime contributor Sage Dawson started our New Voices series a few months ago in hopes of sharing work by emerging artists with our readership. While Sage was able to get the feature up and running, circumstances beyond her control have forced her to take a leave from writing for the near future. In order to keep the e-fires burning while she’s away (we’re insisting that she comes back!), we’re going to cull the New Voices inbox and share some of the work she hasn’t been to get to. If you’d like to submit your own work or recommend someone’s work for inclusion, send us an email at

Italia Rossi’s printed installations are situated firmly in expanded contemporary print practice. The work mingles and exists with the real world independent of the frame. In that way, it takes it’s cues from Rossi’s initial training in architecture. She is using printed matter to explore spacial relationships and how geometry and graphics effect an environment. As she says in her statement, “The work deliberately mixes 3D and 2D aspects, combining prints, drawings, photos and objects to test ideas and concepts in different spaces and media-contests. Most of those materials aim at creating site-specific installations where the different elements are displaced in space, like constellation of interrelated objects / local events. The relation with the architecture where the installation takes place is crucial. Both walls, floor, ceiling and the space in-between -where the sculptural elements are allocated- are part of the same whole with the objective of creating immersive spaces (like visions).” She goes on the say, “the narrative is fragmented and dispersed. It is not linear; it is kaleidoscopic instead.” It is the tension between harmony and discord inherent to the work that activates the space and keeps us looking.

Italia Rossi is an Italian artist who currently lives and works in London, UK. Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout London. She will be earning her graduate degree this Spring from Central Saint Martins which is a constituent college of University of the Arts London. She also holds a graduate degree in Architecture from La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy.

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