MAPC2014: Open Portfolio


After two years of built up excitement and suspense, Print City Detroit – the 2014 Mid America Print Council conference – has come to a close. Scheduled amid four days of great panels, demos, and exhibitions was the always exciting Open Portfolio event. An ever-evolving model, MAPC and Wayne State University set up four open portfolio sessions over three days: Two back to back on Thursday afternoon, one on Friday, and the final round on Saturday.

Open Portfolio was well attended and energetic, with an impressive range of print-based work on display. The following photographs capture a mere sampling of participating artists over the four sessions.

As always, keeping track of everyone’s information is quite a task. Please do identify yourself, your work, and your website in the comments section below.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view:


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15 Responses to “MAPC2014: Open Portfolio”

  1. #2 is Meowville stuff!

  2. Jason Urban says:

    Thanks for sharing, Josh!

  3. Taryn McMahon says:

    6th row on the left is Bridget Elchert!

  4. Matt Squibb says:

    8th row far right! Matt Squibb!

  5. 10th row on the far right is Abigail Lucien:)

  6. University of Tennessee crew
    Top picture is Beauvais Lyons
    6th on the right (192.jpg) Kelsey Stephenson
    3rd from the bottom middle is Raluca Iancu

  7. 3rd row middle is Elysia Mann, (

    6th row down / right is Kelsey Stephenson (

  8. Molly Markow says:

    7th row on the right is Molly Markow!

  9. Scott Betz says:


  10. Neil says:

    3rd row, first picture is Toan Vuong, University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate, otherwise rad dude.

  11. Row nine is just a smidgen of what we do at Orange Barrel Industries! The middle image is mine, the one on the far right is Hannah March Sanders.

  12. Second row, far left, is Katherine Miller (

    Top row, far left, is Christine Hilburn

    Seventh row, far left, is Emily Thomason (

  13. 7th row – middle and 8th row- middle = Joseph Lappie