Ignoring Evidence and History


Brian Johnson’s exhibition, Ignoring Evidence and History, at Gay Fay Kelly at Prizer Gallery features silkscreen mono prints and a few drawings.

Johnson has created a system with which to explore pictorial variables. While each piece functions on it’s own, the framed works gain strength through their accumulation. The images are similar but different with each print offering new glimpses of the same motifs. Together, they come together to tell a larger story. His process is about editing- what to show and what not to show. In that respect, the exhibition feels a bit like a writer showing you all of his or her drafts and corrections. Of course, in this case a final, finished manuscript isn’t the goal. The goal is the editing itself.

To quote Johnson’s artist statement, “Faint elements appear in some images, disappear and reappear in other images. The repetition of elements across this body of work, allude to the passing of time and the struggle for dominance of competing visions.” It is in these competing visions that Johnson undermines the duplicative aspect of print media and makes his work as much about variety as it is about repetition.

There is a closing reception tomorrow, Saturday, September 27th from 5-8.


photoThis is a close-up.


03 cell



14-9 ignoring data and evidence


essential for growth




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2 Responses to “Ignoring Evidence and History”

  1. Brian, beautiful outstanding work!

  2. Lee Chesney, the younger says:

    I’ll try to get by this evening. Work looks good on this site!