Manual – in gratitude.

If you slept on the sale of our recently-released publication Manual, we’re sorry, because we are sold out! 

Printeresting Manual

Given that we advertised the sale period as two weeks, maybe you’re taken aback by the fact that we sold out in just a few days. Frankly, we are too. (Maybe we should have printed more books!)

Since we started this website, we’ve enjoyed a lot of positive reinforcement from our community of readers. Some of this feedback has come in the form of comments (both online and face-to-face). Some of this feedback has even resulted in important professional opportunities. But to some extent, the virtual nature of our enterprise means that we operate in isolation from our readers. We know from statistical tracking that many people read this website, and we know from anecdotal remarks that people care about what we do. But the very successful release of Manual represents a distinctly important expression of support from our readers.

In our six plus years of operating the site, people have been continually surprised to learn that no-one draws a salary from Printeresting. The editors of this site operate as volunteers, as do all of our wonderful contributors.  We are grateful to our advertisers for covering our costs, but we have never asked our readers for their dollars. Even in the release of Manual, we were very careful to set the asking price at a break-even point. So at this time, we would like to take a moment to express our sincere thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of Manual. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it. It is extremely gratifying that so many of you enthusiastically spent your hard-earned money to support this project and, by extension, us. Your support means that we can continue to find new ways to express our ideas in the future. Stay tuned!

And of course, we must also express our sincere thanks to the many contributors to Manual, who made the book so compelling a document. All of these fantastically creative people also volunteered their hard work, and they were quite patient with us as we worked to release the book.

To everyone reading this post: thank you.

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One Response to “Manual – in gratitude.”

  1. Luther says:

    Congratulations. I got mine in the mail yesterday and I’m very happy with the job everyone did.

    Keep it up and hopefully pages 61 and 62 of the manual continued to be ignored by the fine volunteers.

    p.s. love pages 61 and 62