Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc Printshop Tour

Nestled into the rocky hills of Donegal, Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc sits in the shadow of Mt. Errigal, the premiere geographical feature of the region, reigning high over Dongel, in the north west of Ireland.  Cló is located in one of the few remaining Gaeltachts in Ireland where Irish Gaelic is the everyday speech, the area of Gortahork (Slí Ghort an Choirce) is protected by the rocky hills and twisting roads, allowing the language to remain intact in the people.  To live here is almost a local secret, the roads are unnamed, the houses are nestled into the rocks and sporadically dot the hills.  Ask a farmer on a tractor or the men in the field cutting turf for directions. Cló has signs directing you down the road, but it is easy to get lulled into the dips and turns as the road winds over and through the rocky terrain.  This is a place where the roads shrink to the width of a single car, slanting off into trenches on either side where streams drain away from the turf fields.  Here, you raise a few fingers in a gesture of hello when you pass another driver, often pulling over or backing up to let another car pass.  If you go too far down the road and over a small stone bridge the guard dogs will pull themselves away from a sunny patch of grass and chase the tires of your car for daring to drive past their house, threatening to throw themselves under your churning tires.  When you drive through, dipping and winding all the way, you can’t help but question how someone came to plant themselves in this place, how they came upon a stretch of bog and decided that this was where the search ended, and a house would be built. Oona Hyland & Ian Joyce warmly welcomed us in to their shop for a small tour and to talk about their shop and its current projects.  They moved to the area in 1998 from Belfast, and began to set about constructing a uniquely Irish print shop.  While community shops are not difficult to find in the city hubs around Ireland, Cló is positioned in a topographically unique landscape that has largely preserved its language and culture. While the workshop has a variety of programs and workshops available, the residency program that is offered here has resulted in cultural exchanges with artists from around the world.  Cló is also in the process of collecting and augmenting their Living Archive, which aside from art books, include videos, DVDS and recordings of Irish language and culture in the library they have built. You can find more information about their current projects at / Share / Print
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    Looks beautiful, Sinead. Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow! So beautiful.