Amanda Lee Studio View

I spent six weeks this summer just one short train stop away from the beautiful Tuscan mountain town of Cortona which happens to be the adopted home of Printeresting contributor Amanda Lee. In addition to meeting face-to-face after years of electronic correspondence, I also got an opportunity to see the silkscreen studio she’s been setting up on the oldest street in an incredibly old town. Lee moved to Italy to teach printmaking for the University of Georgia’s study abroad program. While her commitment to UGA varies from semester to semester, she has decided to use Cortona as her long term HQ.

Amanda maintains an active studio life. Much of her work addresses issues of domestic abuse and, for this reason, she has built relationships with various women’s shelters in Florence. In addition to teaching and her studio practice, Lee has started a hand-printed linens business called Alloro Linens. She uses all natural dyes, extracts from madder, weld, cutch, chlolophyllin (typically from alfalfa and fescue), and coreopsis, and bases her designs on archaic maiolica, a “kind of Medieval Italian pottery that was made between the 13th and 14th century.”

Amanda will be back in the US this Fall teaching at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina but will return to Italy afterward. If you find yourself traveling through Tuscany, make sure you stop by and say ciao!



0016Amanda Lee standing at her studio door.


0013 Experiments with all natural dyes.

0007Tight quarters.

0008Some kind of ancient gate being used as a drying rack.

AL07Homemade spray booth- before and after.


0005What’s that- a yoga mat to print fabric on? DIY perfection.




0010Another textile printer used the space years prior and left this woodblock/vent cover!

0014Work space in the Lee’s apartment above the ground floor studio.

0015Not a bad view from the backyard.


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One Response to “Amanda Lee Studio View”

  1. Wow, what an amazing space, I love your view and all the little details. I have a wonderful view of the welsh hills from my work room, which really helps me to feel inspired.