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MANUAL_COVER_APrinteresting’s new publication Manual is finally at the printers! The official release date is Labor Day, but we’re offering a discounted price during a special 72-hour pre-release sale. The other perk of ordering early is that you will be among the first folks to get your hands on a copy (likely the week before Labor Day). Like most of our projects, our financial goal is simply to break even, but our aspirational goal is to get as many copies of this eclectic volume into the hands of artists, critics, curators, or anyone who has ever picked up a how-to manual in an attempt to learn something new. Buy one for yourself! Buy one for a friend! Supplies are limited.

The book is an open-ended inquiry intended to raise as many questions as answers. Manual contains a multitude of interesting things to read and look at thanks to the many talented contributors: Diana Behl, Jean-Denis Boudreau, Catherine Brooks, Sarah Kate Burgess, Steve Coutinho, Luther Davis, James Elkins, Sasha Fletcher, Brian Garner, Jon Gourley, Lauren Van Haaften-Schick, James Hannaham, Celine Huyghebaert, Gary Kachadourian, Dave Kyu, Andy MacDougall, Josh MacPhee, Colin Matthes, Leah Modigliani, Rhonda Ratray, Stephen William Schudlich, Esther K. Smith, Justin Staller, Ryan Standfest, Frank Sung, Breanne Trammell, Patrick Wagner, Ericka Walker, Benjamin Wooten, and Adam Wolpa.

Buy your copy nowMANUAL, 8.5″ x 5.5″, Perfect Bound, 100 Pages, 2014. And just to be clear, this book won’t teach you how to print!

OUR PRE-SALE IS NOW OVER. Manual will be available for purchase on Labor Day- Monday, September 1st, 2014.


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One Response to “Pre-Order Manual”

  1. Kayla Guidry says:

    Will these be available again for purchase in the future?