Zygote Press Advocacy Fluxus

Zygote Press of Cleveland recently organized the Arts Advocacy Fluxus Project, an expansive project supported by the Ohio Arts Council Project and influenced by the 1960’s Fluxus movement. (If you missed the 2012 Zygote Press shop tour, check it out here.) In collaboration with numerous contributing artists and spearheaded by Liz Maugans, Zygote Executive Director, and Jen Craun, Associate Director, Zygote has created a fluxus made up of print paraphernalia and statistical information highlighting art’s impact locally, regionally, and nationally. The packets were mailed out, arriving to numerous places across the country.

One of the biggest goals of the project is to bring art to more people, especially those outside of the field. Recognizing that vibrant art communities are built from diverse support, not simply artists and arts organizations alone, the packet is a grassroots approach to building greater advocacy.


CM9C1592 2

CM9C1594 2

CM9C1603All images courtesy Karin McKenna

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One Response to “Zygote Press Advocacy Fluxus”

  1. Print says:

    Art is what communicates and what you have produced Karin is just that. Wonderful