From Bay Area to Big Sky Country

Ryan Vicente sent us a link to a video interview he did in relation to a recent exhibition he had at the Imagine Butte Resource Center.

My name is Ryan Vicente and I am a printmaker in San Francisco. I recently had a relief and paper-cut show in Butte, Montana that was a result of a chance meeting at SGCI this year. I am an undergraduate student at Academy of Art University San Francisco and also work as a studio technician for the printmaking department (you guys should do a studio visit!). Butte is a forgotten mining town that has so much history and I hope that this video will show people how beautiful it is and to highlight the Imagine Butte Resource Center, they are doing some wonderful things for their community by providing printmaking classes for children and adults. The program is run by Jennifer DuToit and Olivia Everett, they also run The Foreground Gallery and The Phoenix Gallery which is specifically for printmakers. I really hope that you can help spread this video for us, they are planning an amazing residency program within the next year, it really is a great place for printmakers to work on their craft.

Here is the artist statement for the show:

LandEscape is a series of paper-cut linoleum blocks that represent the memories of my most recent travels. My work is a mash-up of memories where I am free to dismantle and re-assemble the places that I have experienced. In the past year, I have been lucky enough to combine elements of my home in San Francisco with places like Rome and Venice. Most recently, I was given the opportunity to explore the historic town of Butte, Montana. The landscape of Butte is very unique, the monstrous head frames and abundance of ghost signs have been an amazing addition to the world that I am re-creating with this series. The town has provided a mechanical and rustic feel that my work has been lacking, I am grateful to have found one of the best kept secrets of America.

My goal is to experience as much of this Earth as I can, wandering streets and taking photos of my experiences before heading into the print studio where these memories are dismantled and then combined to tell my story. Although many of the places I have visited are miles apart, in my mind they are mashed together as I make the connections and parallels between the canals of Venice to the abandoned buildings of Butte. Printmaking allows me to use modern technology such as photography and graphic design to put a twist on traditional techniques like relief and silkscreen.  My background with collage art and book arts have taken these prints to another level by adding a dimension to an otherwise flat medium. The angles and composition I use represent a traveler who chooses to explore on foot, staring up at structures that are larger than life, I felt that it was important to allow viewers to see the environments from a personal point of view.

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