National Poster Retrospecticus

JP Boneyard is back at it again with his National Poster Retrospecticus tour coming to a city near you! Some of the stops this year include Northhampton, Omaha, St. Louis, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. These one night pop up exhibitions are not to be missed, Boilard brings together a celebration of aesthetic awesomeness and hand crafted music and event posters from across the nation. Growing from its beginnings in 2006, this marks the 2nd official tour, and it keeps on getting better! With over 300 posters in the lineup this showcase includes a variety of emerging and prominent artists from all different paths of art and design. You can find a full list of the over 100 players that made it all possible on the NPR roster. Among some of my favorites Matt & Andrew McCracken of Doublenaut, The Half and Half, Invisible Creature, Landland, and the works of Jason Munn.





NPR hosted at the Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri

Dan Kuhlken & Nathan Goldman, DKNG Studios

James Weinberg, Book & Bar, Portsmouth

Dan Kuhlken & Nathan Goldman, DKNG Studios

Matt & Andrew McCracken, Doublenaut

Delicious Design League, Vampire Weekend

Doe Eyed Studio, Superchunk

Dan Padavic, Vahalla Studios

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