Call for New Voices

In addition to All These Theses, we’re starting another new ongoing feature for those recently and maybe not-so-recently out of school called New Voices. Curated and written by Printeresting contributor Sage Dawson, New Voices will make a point to feature the work of younger and emerging artists. If you’d like to have your work featured on Printeresting, send us a one or two paragraph artist statement and up to ten pics of your work (jpgs 600px wide) and anything else that might be relevant. This can include flat prints but we’re always interested in things that push the boundaries of print, too, so installation, small press publishing, digital work, etc. are always welcome. Share the new things you’re making with us!

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3 Responses to “Call for New Voices”

  1. Ruth Leaf says:

    I am an old printmaker and would be very interested in what the young artists are printing. ruth leaf

  2. Ruth Leaf says:

    I’m an old printmaker and would love to see what the young artists are print-ing. ruth leaf

  3. Amanda says:

    I am so excited that you guys are starting this. I graduated with my Bachelors 3 years ago. Finally found a job in a gallery but now I really want to push my work out there into the world bc I know its different and I know all the ideas are original and taken straight from my head and there is someone out there with money who is bound to like them.