SGCI 2014: Queer Communities in Print


Curated by Jaime Knight and Corinne Teed, The Queer Communities in Print Portfolio, in their words, ‘pays tribute to the ability of LGBTQ people to dialogue, agitate and build community across identities, experiences and distance…The Queer Communities in Print Portfolio makes a pointed effort to acknowledge queer identified artists working in the medium of print, connect them across geographic locations and create an archive of contemporary LGBTQ artists, building a community that transcends geographic limitations.  The portfolio consists of prints created in a variety of mediums by 29 LGBTQ identified artists.’


The exhibition took place at the venerable Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, a modest project space which has launched many Bay Area art careers. The  exhibition includes work by, Felipe Baeza, Anima Metalica D.J., BOKA (April Katz and JoAnn Boehmer), Emmy Bright, Ian Cozzens, Jill Fitterer, Thea Gahr/Collectiva Cordyceps, Jennifer Hughes, Graham Kolbeins, Delia Kovac, Jaime Knight, Chucha Marquez, Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger, Heidi Ratanavanich and Eileen Shumate, Patrick Reed, Gavin Rouille, Matt Runkle, Nicholas Shick, Miriam Klein Stahl, Corinne Teed, Mary Tremonte, Lena Wolff, Meg Turner


Some version of the phrase, ‘printmaking is the most democratic art form’ is usually followed by an explanation of how the multiple allows artists or dealers to sell their work for cheaper than unique media, reaching a wider audience. This explanation misses the mark, mistaking consumers with citizens. Printmaking is the most democratic media because the printed multiple allows people, whose voices have been marginalized, isolated, or made ‘other’, to perform the visual equivalent of a megaphone, sending out multitudes of prints into the world claiming space, being seeing, and entering the public discourse (as opposed to painting and sculpture, which historically had been used by those already in power to monumentalize their position). This portfolio does a great job of capturing that energy, and affirming a micro-community of makers with a shared passion for print.


Beyond the politics of form and function, the prints are super cool! Enjoy.






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