Rebecca Gilbert at CEVA

20140131 162556

Rebecca Gilbert, a Philadelphia-based artist who works in print and installation was part of a two-person show at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists gallery space.  Arranged like a mini-solo show, Gilbert exhibited new prints from several bodies of work.

20140131 174724

Dirt Pile P2063718

The print above is from her shadowbox series, which features prints that had been cut out of the rectangle, and float off of their framing. Like much of her work these pieces are engaged with natural phenomena, like the pile of dirt above, as part of a larger metaphorical system dealing with desire and fulfillment.

Dirt Star Balance Happy Place P2063720


While not part of the show, I was so in love with this sculptural work I needed to include it in this post, Raised Bed Fortune Patch, ImagOn etching on kizukishi, PVA, pulverized kaolin clay, 2010.



These are Etchings!

A strong show from a compelling artistic voice working in relief.

The first two photos by the artist, the remaining are by Stefan Kaben.

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