SGCI 2014: The Future of Printmaking Defined!

In this the first of many posts on the SGCI 2014 Conference, we will start by reporting the routine business of the Board.


This past weekend printmakers from around the world met together at the SGCI, Southern Graphics Council International, annual conference in San Fransisco, California. It was early on during this international summit, that printmakers had the opportunity to gather and discuss, nee define, the future of printmaking in an increasingly complex and digitally informed world.

Thursday morning, at a most heartily attended SGCI Membership meeting, a militant caucus entered the floor and demanded a discussion pertaining to ‘the future of printmaking’. It was during this discussion that a vote was called, and was later reported that the printmakers present printmakers voted unanimously to declare the collograph to be ‘the future of printmaking’. And in an unwelcome turn, two opposing groups of board members began immediately debating the ‘correct’ spelling of the newly ascendent print form, adhering to either the continental: collograph, or the Analytic: collagraph. We all await their decision. A few dissenters, referring to themselves as the ‘Salt City Six‘ left to make steam-roller prints, declaring their independence from the ‘normative conventions of the convention’.

An ad hoc committee was immediately formed to begin looking into  the venerable SGCI voted unanimously to change it’s name again from ‘Southern Graphics Council International’ to the more graceful ‘Southern Graphics Collograph International’ (or collagraph, outcome pending).

In fact, our own Amze Emmons & Amanda Lee took the conference vote as an opportunity to declare their long simmering intent to form a MOOC , to be known as the Massive Open Online Collograph.

In an unrelated note, the office supply stories near the conference hotel claimed to have had a run on glue.

A spirit of collaboration surrounded these announcements, and so we assume all is well in the world of print as we see it here, on April 1st, commonly known as April Fools Day in most of North America!

A special hat tip to Marianne Dages and Michelle Moode for planting the seeds for this announcement. And a hearty wink to all the talented artists out there defying the perceived limitations of calligraphic print.

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2 Responses to “SGCI 2014: The Future of Printmaking Defined!”

  1. Julia says:

    Dammit, you had me.

  2. marjorie greene says:

    Let’s not Diss the Collograph!