SGCI 2014!


Bridges Spanning Tradition, innovation and Activism is about to start!
In the words of the organizers:
“The SGC International will host its 42nd annual conference in the San Francisco Bay Area, the first West Coast conference in the organization’s history. Positioned on the Pacific Rim, the Bay Area reflects the diversity of an international port, fosters a culture in which social justice runs parallel with technological innovation, and is home to an artistic community that continues to shape political activism.

Printmaking has historically been celebrated as a hybrid medium that embraces diverse working methodologies. Tradition joins with creativity; the familiar is married to the unknown. The print is a means for dissemination of ideas and a catalyst for social change.

Bridges will investigate the intersections between traditional and emerging technologies and how these tools are vehicles for creating meaningful and critical discourse around contemporary issues.”

We are excited to be attending the conference and the bay area.

We and many of our great team of contributors will be wandering around, checking things out, ‘live blogging,’ and mixing it up. If you see us, please say, hello. Also feel free to join in the fun, the submit button you see in the upper left will lead you a page where you upload images and stories from all kinds of conference events.

Also we will be on twitter and tumblr posting under #scgi2014.
Please do the same and we’ll try to re-circulate the collective excitement!

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One Response to “SGCI 2014!”

  1. ryan says:

    hope to see y’all there! make sure to stop by the academy of art printmaking studios for tons of activities! and Big Umbrella Studios is having a printmaking show with some live printing done by me for the divisadero art walk! printmaking galore in the city, cant wait!