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For those of you who aren’t familiar, People of Print is a long running London-based print blog. Originally conceived of as a ‘library of printmakers and designers’ the site has had a strong following, including us. While our missions are slightly different, we, here at Printeresting have followed People of Print and enjoy it’s open model and public archive quality. We were lucky enough to catch up with Marcroy Smith recently to talk about his project.

P: How did People of Print get started?
How did you get into the writing about print on the internet thing?

MS: People of Print started as a single page website in 2008, which was a grid of thumbnails acting as a page of print artists who I was inspired by during my university degree. It gradually developed and grew throughout the years and gained interest by other creatives who has similar interests. My work experience with Urban Inks in Brooklyn and meeting several other print artists in USA and Canada gave me a great network of friends who appreciate the love of print and is what inspired me to push People of Print as a community based website upon my return to London. It was a very natural progression to where we are now.

P: How would you describe your editorial/curatorial model?

MS: Our editorial / curatorial model is hard to explain, I guess a lot of the things we post about are quite simply what we like (which is generally something awesome). We wouldn’t post something that we didn’t like even if we were offered money. I have a great love for screen print and letterpress, however we have several contributors who each have their own niche which they like to post about from publications to clothing labels to branding. We are looking to grow upon this so we have several distinct categories within our content.

P: If the Directory forms a huge library of the artist/illustrators/designer/printers working in this period of time, what conclusions might some future print archeologist draw surveying it’s contents?

MS: Our online directory is only a snippet of our actual print database. We are looking to develop our online directory to make it easy for people to search through the amazing wealth of print artists, shops, studios or spaces. I have no idea what a future print archaeologist would think, possibly something along the lines of “These people were mad, why would they go through such a laborious process to create printed matter when they can use Mindprint V8000 to visually display thoughts directly from their imagination.”

P: …Mindprint v8000!!?.. [OK, slow down. breath. focus..focus.]  So, People of Print was started in 2008, in that time you have seen any trends or changes in the print community over that time?

MS: There has definitely been a few trends since 2008, the rise of 3D print of course, the use of risograph printing to create something that looks screen printed. Wood type has had a huge resurgence and now most people coming out of a graphic design degree will have something screen printed in their portfolio. I think a lot of people have really taken a step backwards (in a good way) when it comes to printing to appreciate the traditional methods of print and understand that the aesthetic can only be achieved by using these methods.

P: Besides the site, what other projects are People of Print working on?

MS: We have actually been very busy indeed.

-Our main focus has been preparing for a self-published quarterly magazine titled ‘PRINT ISN’T DEAD‘.  [Read about it and order a copy here. hint, you only have ten days left.]


-We have signed a contract with international arts published Thames & Hudson to create a hardback book titled ‘People of Print’ which will hit the shelves early 2015.

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-We have been screen printing onto vintage film posters to be hung in a hotel in Krakow for a client called Double Decker.

-We have just launched Department Store:


The Creative Universe  a place for creatives to place a free listing.

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-We are working on a book for Kuvva to display their amazing artists.

-We ran a live screen printing brief with the illustration students at UAL, LCC.

P: Whoa.. You ARE busy. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
We are super excited to see your books reach print, and your other projects come to realization. And as always we’ll keep an eye on what’s happening over at People of Print.


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  1. Luther says:

    Thanks for the interview and thanks to People of Print for making my lunch break that much more enjoyable.