Studio Visit: C.R. Ettinger Studio

Talking with Cindi Ettinger, of C.R. Ettinger Studios, is a real treat for anyone interested in recent Philadelphia print history. As someone who has lived, worked, and created art in the city for decades her influence and connections are felt by many. She easily shared anecdotes, life stories, and technical revelations about printmaking during my visit to her studio. It made the experience a real treat.

CREStudios6 CREStudios10CREStudios7

While mostly known for her intaglio work, Cindi has started building up the letterpress area of her studio. Largely self-taught in printmaking Cindi often finds some really unique solutions when solving technical problems. One example, and my print-nerd heart just exploded when I saw this,  was for a recent piece involving type following a circular path: creating the form using the foot from an IKEA table (the center of the form below).

CREStudios9 CREStudios8 The finished print is pictured here, along with some other pieces, created as part of a recent show Due North.


Another recent addition for C.R. Studios is a beautiful, store-front gallery space. The current exhibition, while mainly featuring the Philagrafika Due North Portfolio, showcases winter-themed work Cindi has helped to produce over the years.

It’s hard to miss Daniel Heyman‘s pieces currently on view, a large scale triptych of self portraits. Made up of panels, each piece is intaglio or wood cut printed onto plaster — a technique Cindi and Heyman have used often in past collaborations.CREStudios4CREStudios3

A closer shot at the dimensionality of the finished piece — while the other two images were intaglio plates printed onto plaster, a wooden relief block matrix was used here.

CREStudios16 Back in the studio: a close up of some recent work with Bill Scott, a painter by training. Shown is a black and white proof next to a color version. Amazing!  CREStudios13

Some of the steel-faced copper plates used for the image. Bonus: a mirrored portrait of Cindi. One of the best parts of touring artist studios, in my opinion, is to be able to witness the evolution of the work being created there. The images below show just such a scenario — recent work by Bonnie Levinthal.

CREStudios15CREStudios14Thanks again to Cindi for generously opening up her shop for an afternoon  — I highly encourage visitors to stop by the gallery and see some great work.

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  1. Congratulations Cindi!
    Wonderful work that I see you continue doing. My best wishes for all of your projects,