Nashville Print Revival’s Invitational Print Exhibition

Two Tone Gallery, Murfreesboro Tennessee

The second Nashville Print Revival saw works from international artists exhibited together here in the heart of Tennessee. The exhibition was co-curated by Meghan O’Connor and Alison Ford, and featured work from educators and students across North America. The Nashville Print Revival was started in order to engage printmakers and art lovers of all shapes and sizes, and the many exhibitions open during the Revival did just that. Visitors traveled from an array of distant locations in order to be apart of the print festivities and were pleased to see an abundance of printmaking processes involved in the exhibit; ranging from traditional forms of lithography and intaglio to more unique and inventive techniques including working on fabric and sculptural prints.

Participating Universities included:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  |||  Guen Montgomery//Emmy Lingscheit//Langston Allston//Basia Stanek//Randi Stella

University of Tennessee Knoxville  |||  Beauvais Lyons//Sara E. Wimberly//Allen Johnson//Koichi Yamamoto//Adriana Caloca//Caterious Reed//Althea Murphy-Price

University of North Carolina at Pembroke  |||  Brandon Sanderson//Rebecca Spruill//Kayla Seedig//Lateesha Caswell

McMaster University School of the Arts  |||  Kirby Tobin//Livia Tsang//John W. Ford//Alice King

University of Alabama Huntsville  |||  Katie Baldwin//Tim Arment//Andrea Williams//Baxxter Stults

University of North Carolina Charlotte  |||  Heather D. Freeman//Hammilton Ward//Katelyn Flanagan

East Tennessee State University  |||  John Hilton//Katelyn Osborne//Ralph Slatton//Sam Boven//Carmen Burroughs// Careena Surratt

Bowling Green State University  |||  Emily Short//Anita Britt//Corrinne Worden

Kansas City Art Institute  |||  Daiana Oneto//Kevin Schuette//Samantha Mendoza

Murray State University  |||  Katie McNew//Nicole Hand//Lucas Johnson

University of North Texas  |||  Andrew DeCaen//Christopher Aparicio//D! Dodd

University of Northern Iowa  |||  Hannah Sanders//Ashlie Coady//Dana Potter

University of Kansas  |||  Ella Weber//Solace Snow Naeymi//Paul Keefe

Clemson University  |||  Laken Bridges


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