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The majority of exhibitions at PrintAustin have been inward looking. A focus on local and regional artists makes sense as those artists are the reason for the event. After all, the point is to celebrate the Austin print community and the great prints they’re making. That said, Austin is a destination city that attracts visitors daily so there are no shortage of national and international artists that have relationships with the city. Gallery Shoal Creek has been showing the work of Nebraska print artist Karen Kunc for a few years so it’s not surprising that when PrintAustin came knocking, they tapped Karen to curate a show.

The show features an international selection of print artists’ work: Brian Curling, Ina Kaur, Karen Kunc, Monika Meler,  Michael Schneider,
Annu Vertanen, and  Koichi Yamamoto. According to an essay by Erin Keever, combined the group has “lived and worked in countries such as Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan and Poland.” Beyond the global reach, the commonality seems to be an affinity for abstraction and mark making, two things regularly found in Kunc’ own work. It’s a solid show so I thought I’d share some pics…


shoalcreek01AAnnu Vertanen, Communication Charts: Love, Mokuhanga Woodblock, 2013.

shoalcreek02Brian Curling’s work on the right… didn’t get any good pictures of them but you can see more on the Gallery Shoal Creek website.

shoalcreek04Nice to see so many red dots. I grabbed breakfast with Koichi the morning after the opening and was surprised to learn that these origami like etchings are actually maquettes for kites that he’ll be flying at the San Francisco SGCI conference in March!

shoalcreek07Kunc and Meler.

shoalcreek05Koichi’s big monotypes.

shoalcreek06Monika Meler, Diffused Relief Prints/Monotypes, 2011.

shoalcreek06AMonika Meler, Diffused Relief Prints/Monotypes, 2011.

shoalcreek08Kunc and Meler.

shoalcreek09Michael Schnieder Mokuhanga Woodblock prints with Photogravure next to Ina Kaur’s work.

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