Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair

photoA Bill Fick print  by Scott Frisch.

If you weren’t in Austin this past weekend, you missed the first ever Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair. Hosted by the prolific Flatbed Press, the fair was held to coincide with PrintAustin. Flatbed has been publishing prints in Austin for more than twenty years (read an interview with the founders Katherine Brimberry and Mark Smith). The Fair was a convergence of  printmakers, print publishers, and various academic print strongholds from all over Texas. Notably, the fair was a real intersection of all these different levels of production and experience so students were sitting next to long time publishers.

The Gala reception held on Friday, Valentine’s Day, was by all accounts a huge success with stronger-than-expected attendance. And Saturday had a steady stream of people cycling through the Flatbed building catacombs. The winding hallways filled with tables made for lots of opportunities to bump into people and talk. I didn’t make it out on Friday, and due to some other commitments, only just made it to the fair an hour or two before closing on Saturday. Even then as things were winding down, the energy was positive and everyone seemed happy with the event. I’m really excited to see this kind of coming together of Texas print community (I live here so I won’t apologize for being a bit of a cheerleader for TX Print!). Fingers crossed that Flatbed can maintain the momentum and make this an annual event.

I’ve relied on others to supply photos. A big thanks to Tina Weitz of Flatbed and Lari Gibbons, Laura Drapac, Jaime Durham and Melody Vaughan of UNT for sharing their pics! A full list of participants here. I did my best with the help of others to identify as many people as I could. Feel free to add any names or info I missed in the comments.

PRINT_Booth-ScottFrishScott Frish from West Texas A&M showing off what looks to be large Jenny Schmid lithographs. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

PRINT_Booth-BurningBonesCarlos Hernandez and Pat Masterson of Burning Bones Press from Houston with Sang-Mi Yoo’s work behind them. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

PRINT_Booth-PRINTJaime Durham and Melody Vaughan from UNT Denton at P.R.I.N.T Press’ booth. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

PRINT_Booth-PRINTPrepJaime Durham polishing some frames at P.R.I.N.T Press’ booth. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

PRINT_Booth-SerieProjectSerie Project’s booth. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

PRINT_Booth-SteinkenArredondoErin Kerr Stainken / Julia Arredondo’s booth. Arredondo’s Printer’s Luck Novena Candle in the foreground. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

PRINT_Booth-TSU+ButlerDellJohnsonTexas State University Printmaking and Jeffrey Dell / Brian Joyson / Adrienne Butler’s booths. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

PRINT_Demo-HuertaGarciaTaking advantage of the Flatbed facility to include some demos at the Fair. Alfonso Huerta Garcia’s “Printing An Aquatint” demo. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

FB_Fair__9042FB_Fair__9046Flatbed mainstay Alfonso Huerta Garcia doing a demo. Photos: Tina Wietz.

PRINT_Hancock+studentsJohn Hancock, Su Tran and Kelcey Williams. Photo: UNT Printmaking.

FB_Fair__9044It wouldn’t be a Flatbed Print Fair without prints from Flatbed Press. Photo: Tina Weitz.

  FB_Fair__9019Matt Bagley of Iron Frog Press, Note the Print Frog glass baren up front. See another shot below.

PrintFrog1The Print Frog is a glass burnisher or “baren” used to print relief blocks. Iron Frog debuted the device at the fair. Image courtesy of Iron Frog Press.

FB_Fair__9005Lots of traffic. Photo: Tina Weitz.

FB_Fair__9001The Texas Tech table- James Chase and Alberto Careaga talking with Prof Ryan O’Malley of Texas A&M Corpus Cristi. Photo: Tina Weitz.

FB_Fair__8973More  Texas Tech table. Photo: Tina Weitz.

  FB_Fair__8902Erin Kerr Stainken of Austin. Photo: Tina Weitz.

FB_Fair__8894TSU’s Brian Johnson at the Serie Project booth. Photo: Tina Weitz.

FB_Fair__8879Prof Lari Gibbons and her crew from University of North Texas did a Valentine’s themed letterpress demo that showcased their type-high CNC routed blocks. They’re among the first to print on Flatbed’s recently acquired proofing press.  FB_Fair__8877VaughanMelody_Demo-LetterpressLeigh Garcia of UNT printing letterpress. Photo: Melody Vaughn.


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6 Responses to “Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair”

  1. loved this post! Enjoy learning about print world beyond NE-thanks
    in the wintry mix -roxy

  2. Lari Gibbons says:

    Thank you to Flatbed for organizing this event and to Printeresting for reviewing it!!!

  3. Felicidades, una feria muy interesante

  4. Matt Bagley says:

    It was a fantastic event,..Great venue and a great crowd. Big thanks to Kathirine Brimberry and the Flatbed crew and thank-you Printeresting covering it. Look forward to doing it again next year.

  5. Congratulations all at The Flatbed Press & Printeresting!
    Enjoyed reading this very much , Good wishes ..a great event for everyone.

  6. Jeff Smith says:

    I’m so glad to see this coverage. I took woodblock printing with Alfonso Huerta – twice! He is a great teacher and excellent artist. Also went to Italy with Katherine Brimberry and a few other Texans to learn and practice SolarPlate. Flatbed is great!