Under Pressure: Contemporary Printmaking and Changing Landscapes

Curation has become a core aspect of what we do at Printeresting, both on the web with our selection of posts, as well as in the real world through exhibitions and publishing projects. As a rule, we share these occasional curatorial projects with our readers through the site. In this instance, we’re sharing an exhibition curated not by Printeresting but by one of its most regular contributors.

Under Pressure: Contemporary Printmaking and Changing Landscapes, an exhibition guest curated by Printeresting contributor Sage Dawson, unites artists who expand upon the boundaries of contemporary printmaking. The exhibition is open through February 14th at Meramec Gallery of Contemporary Art in St. Louis.


Whether tackling broad sociopolitical or environmental issues, or evaluating the definition of what constitutes print-making, the artists consider the democratic possibilities of the print multiple, push beyond the constraints of the printing press, and incorporate mixed media and new media technologies alongside more traditional printmaking techniques to create one-of-a-kind prints. Advancing the limits of printmaking has long been a common cause within the discipline, and this exhibition provides a glimpse at recent projects reflecting this intent.

Participating artists include Gina Alvarez, Charles Beneke, Lauren Cardenas, Amze Emmons, Tate Foley, Katie Ford, Todd Irwin, Myungwon Kim, Angela Malchionno, Nathan Meltz, Yoonmi Nam, Carla Fisher Schwartz, Yoshiko Shimano, Amy Thompson, Jason Urban, and Ken Wood.






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