Happy New Year-ish!

Happy New Year-ish!

tumblr_m83hmoMnWw1r79v1io1_1280Photo: a view deep inside the Printeresting mainframe.

Time for a State of the Website post. 2013 was another great year at Printeresting. We started off with a fresh, new redesign. And beyond look and feel improvements, we made a big editorial change to the site by inviting the community to write and submit posts through our easy-to-use submission form. We’ve always been open to folks offering contributions and tips, but prior to the submission form, the bulk of the posts were written by ourselves and a handful of regular contributors. The results of the new community-generated content were really exciting. Posts came in from all over, calling attention to events, artists, and exhibitions that we would have never learned about otherwise.

In addition to thanking our site visitors, we’d like to start off 2014 by thanking everyone who contributed posts to the site in 2013: Dan Henning, Catherine Brooks, Benjamin Levy*, Wayne Kleppe*, Sally Pillar, Mayee Gonzales,  Evan Summer, Janette Chien*, Marianne Dages, Deborah Krieger*, Danielle Peters, Sonnenzimmer, Marchelo Vera, Kevin McCloskey, J. Lundquist, Milinda Hernandez, Julia Arredondo, Annalise Gratovich, Tate Foley, and Abra Ancliffe (*= multiple post bloggers!). And there were another half dozen or so folks who worked more closely with an editor using the ‘Friend of Printeresting‘ heading. Great work and thank you all so much! You helped a more community-sourced Printeresting to provide access to print-related stories and artists that deserve more attention.

And, of course, we also need to send a shout out to our regular contributors: Josh Dannin, Sage Dawson, Alison Dell, Amanda Lee, Jenn Pascoe, Julia V. Hendrickson, and John Piper. All of your efforts are appreciated- thank you!!

In total, Printeresting had just about 200 posts for the year which averages to about 4 a week. We visited over twenty print studios on four continents, stopped by about a dozen artist’s studios, and reviewed over forty exhibitions. We teamed up with Gamblin to release a second edition of Printeresting Black etching ink as a fundraiser for our friends at Hamilton Woodtype. Later in the year, we awarded our second Printeresting Micro-grant to Shift-Lab. Not too shabby for a project that runs on a shoestring and a daub of tympan grease. On that note, a big thanks to our sponsors who help us cover the various costs of keeping the site up and running.

It’s hard to believe we have time for anything else, but in truth, after nearly six years of digital publishing, we are definitely feeling the analog itch. With the time away from the screen afforded by so many additional voices on the site, we (the editorial staff) are gearing up for some real-world print miscellany in the coming year. Keep your eye out for Manual. Hopefully, it’s the first of a few exciting things coming off the press in 2014.

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