Studio Visit: Marianne Dages


This summer I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Marianne Dages prints studio, Huldra Press located in Philadelphia. Dages is a very talented artist with an aesthetic sensibility informed by, ‘Natural history, field guides, archaeology, folklore, daydreams, the Arctic, libraries, and children’s drawings.’ Her print work has a materiality and relationship to type and craft that betrays her training as a book artist; her book work has a meandering refusal to adhere to convention that alludes to her background in photography.

Her delightful studio was a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the streets outside. I hope you enjoy this photo essay of her space and and her work.


The light!

In addition to producing her own work, and teaching, Dages collaborates with other artists and does some contract work.


Note artwork on the left of Minion of Gozer is actually from the filming of Ghost Busters. [level up achieved]





Fresh blueberries, fuel for printmakers everywhere.


You can just see the powder blue top of ‘Egon‘, her Vandercook and joy.


Great stuff tacked to the walls, including some of Dages work above left (and slightly out of focus).




She also had shelves of these paper brick things that seem to pre-date tablet computers.


Below is a series of images of Dages recent project Oculus Song, which combines photographic materials, Risograph and letterpress.

Thank you Marianne Dages for sharing your artwork and workspace with us.

We look forward to seeing what she will be doing next!
(Without giving too much away, Dages will be part of a large international print exhibition/event happening in Philadelphia very soon.)

All images of artwork courtesy of the artist.

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One Response to “Studio Visit: Marianne Dages”

  1. Lee Chesney, the younger says:

    What a great space and beautiful light! I am envious.