Announcing The Micro-Grant..

We want to thank everyone who applied to the 2013 Micro-Grant. The pool of applicants was shockingly competitive. All of the requests were for really amazing creative projects. And the range of great ideas from the applicants spoke well to the state of our field, we only wish we were able to fund all of them. But unfortunately we can only fund one project.

With the over-all quality so high, the critical factors for making a decision included: scope of proposed audience, apparent need, ability to get it done, to name a few. With so many qualified applications, ultimately, we had to rely on our gut.

We would like to offer our congratulations to the collective Shift-lab.

Formed earlier this year, Shift-lab is made up of artists, Katie Baldwin (Alabama), Denise Bookwalter (Florida), Sarah Bryant (UK), Macy Chadwick (California), and Tricia Treacy (North Carolina).


Shift-lab proposed a very smart, interactive public art project, titled [in code], which will utilize a range digital and analog technologies and engage an international audience of book arts and print folks on multiple planes of experience, during two national conferences in 2014. Without giving too much away, their project will form a delightful mobius loop of language and technology. While our token support won’t cover all of the costs associated with the project, we are happy to put our weight behind it. And we are confident that this group of artists will bring this ambitious project to massively exciting results.

As with all of our Micro-Grants, we ask only that those awarded the grant write a post (or posts) about their project for our wide audience of supporters whose support made the grant possible.

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