Katie Grinnan: Three Headed Lady

Katie Grinnan is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work explores the movements of the human body and potential boundaries of the mind. Her recent exhibition Three Headed Lady at The Print Center features a collection of distinct themes.

For Your Information is an interactive installation in which the viewer can use a computer to find information online, take a screenshot, and print out a contribution to the exhibition. Grinnan files the documents herself into the hanging files. The installation is an unusual hybrid between a home gym and modern IKEA desk, sitting atop of a collection of cement blocks covered with transfers of youtube stills. As you walk into the work station, the cement blocks shift underneath your feet and there is an unusual mix between the digital and the physical object. Even the nature of the installation - to collect and catalogue data - seems futile to an extent. With the computer at our fingertips, the pool of information we access is endless. The information printed spans infinite topics from the “Old magician’s handbook” to simply “Humor.”

As I was looking through the hanging files, I got the feeling that I was peeking into someone’s browser history. The archiving system felt incongruous to the data. Grinnin uses hanging files, originally derived from the Filing Cabinet invented in 1898, which was generally used for important documents such as personnel files, expense reports, receipts, etc. But in this case, Grinnan uses these hanging files to document our whimsical enjoyments - a favorite youtube video, a recipe, a funny link. The information she collects is casual, eclectic and ultimately cannot be categorized. There is an hourglass movement to the data as it is extracted from the Internet -- a vast global network of information, channelled through the lens of the viewer, and then printed out and disseminated into the public through this travelling archive. By transforming the digital into the physical printed object, Grinnan creates artifacts of modern society. She slowly builds a historical archive of a digital age through the lens of her participants.

Other works featured the exhibition include photograms, fragmented concrete sculptures and a true-to-scale brain sculpture housing a three channel audio track of Grinnan's narratives and experiences.

Exhibition is on view until November 23, 2013.

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One Response to “Katie Grinnan: Three Headed Lady”

  1. Amze Emmons says:

    An excellent description of a sprawling, generative, and ultimately hard to describe work.