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This past Spring, saw several months of great art at the in.print.out Exhibition, which included a citywide billboard project, Money Make Visible, and works from the Krakow International Graphic Triennial, all served to make Vienna a hotbed of print activity.

This all came to my attention, after stumbling across some images on a popular social-media site of the noteworthy print artist, Endi Poskovic, participating in at what looked like a huge print festival, and he was good enough to respond to my requests for some images and more information about this expansive Austrian print festival.


The poster project GELD MACHT SICHTBAR [Money Makes Visible] was a kind of city-wide intervention within the larger exhibition. It took place on billboards concurrently around the city, and was organized by Josef Danner & Georg Lebzelter in cooperation with International Print Network and EPAMEDIA

Endi Poskovic

Poskovic’s print above.

The project is described  on the in.print.out site as,

“International artists place graphic signs on poster walls. The main purpose: an artistic recoding
of sign language in the public space using the poster as medium. Having given innovative
graphic impulses in the 19th century and, in some areas, also in the 70s/80s of the 20th century,
the ideas of contemporary international artists will revisit and bring back to life the poster as
medium in a new quality. The project MONEY MAKES VISIBLE aspires to place artistic messages
in this purlieu to cause irritation in the “space of solicitation” usually occupied by financially strong
businesses and to put up some resistance to the sales slogans through artistic means. Amidst the
surfaces that are put to commercial use, philosophical and poetical signs will be placed into the
public space. Philosophical riddles that cannot be resolved by means of conventional (advertising)
logic will take the place of evocative solicitations to shop. The posters are presented on 1,800
billboards in eastern Austria in May 2013.”

1800 billboards!

The participating artists included, Team Ammar Abo Bakr, Aya Tarek, EG; Team Andraschek, Lobnig, AT;
Team Josef Danner, Hüseyin Isik, AT,TR; Team Lucia Dellefant, Anton Petz, DE, AT;
Julius Deutschbauer, AT; Team Stepan Cervenka, Georg Lebzelter, Nikolaus Link, CZ, AT;
Dan Perjovschi, RO; Endi Poskovic, US; Werner Reiterer, AT; Klaus Staeck, DE; Ingeborg Strobl, AT;
Erwin Wurm, AT.

To get a better sense of the larger in.print.out exhibition and events, here is more comprehensive curatorial statement about the triennial:

“The Vienna Künstlerhaus held again in 2013 with in.print.out in partnership with International
Print Network (IPNet) a major exhibition of contemporary, international, artistic graphics. The
exhibition [features] both historical and contemporary poster art as well as by the poster project for public space MONEY MAKES LIST.”


“The exhibition presents the latest trends in international.. graphic art in a new context
with temporary works, installations and spatial graphic experiments. The main focus based in the
area of ​​fine arts, ..the phenomenon graphic in its complexity as an artistic medium of expression, as an interface between the traditional discipline of printmaking and the latest, innovative technologies, between analog and digital media, from printed paper and interactive installations as well as in its social role as a poster.”


“The exhibition at the Künstlerhaus is divided into two areas: on the ground floor are about 100 international artists works of art that were in the context of cooperation with the Krakow International Graphic Triennial selected for the exhibition by an international jury. The exhibition extends with project space for temporary works, installations and
spatial graphic experiments.”


“On the first floor of the Künstlerhaus historical and current poster art will be shown in conjunction
with the Wilanów Poster Museum in Warsaw, the Zurich Art School of the Arts / Red Factory, the
graphics Brno Biennial, the Prints and Wienbiblitohek college Vienna. Even the work of the
poster project for public space MONEY MAKES LIST BAR presented in this part of the exhibition.”


Participating artists in the whole event included:

Nazir Ahmed, BD, Brook Andrew, AU; Lidija Antanasijevic, UK; Javier Aranguren, ES; Daradics Arpad, HU Grzegorz Banaskiewicz, PL; Andrzej Bednarzyk, PL, Derek Besant, CA; Milan Blanusa, RS; Kirsten Borchert , DE, Cecile Boucher, CA, Ingeborg and Peter Brown Steiner, AT, Simon Brejcha, CZ; Bert Brouwer, NL; Igor Cabraja, HR; Ilse Chlan, AT; Haruko Cho, JP Helga Cmelka, AT, Paul Coldwell, UK; Regina Costa, Portugal; Sławomir Cwiek, PL,
Joseph Danner, AT; Babsi thumb, AT; Beata Dlugosz, PL; Magdalena Duda-Patraszewska, PL; Reinhold Egerth, AT; Paul Ferragut, UK; Birgit Fiedler, DE, Peter Ford, UK; Jonasz Gajewski, PL; Josephine Ganter, UK; Hans Jürgen Gartner, DE Olena Golub, UA; Eugenia Gortchakova, DE, Mark Gottfried, AT; Izabella Gustowska, PL; Anne Heyvaert, ES; Jill Ho-Jou, CA, Zhang Huijing, CN; Katri Ikavalko, Finland, Aya Imamura, JP Yuka Iyama, JP Joanna Janowska Augustyn, PL; Stefan Kaczmarek, PL, Eunice Kim, U.S. Vilija Kneyzite, Lithuania; Jochen Koehn,
DE Margret Kohler Heilingsetzer , AT, Miyuki Kondo, JP Antoni Kowalski, PL; Lubomir Krastev, BG; Edith Krause, CA; Ikuhiro Kugo, JP Tomasz Kukawski, PL, Stephen Lovett, New Zealand; Janusz Marciniak, PL; Katarzyna Marzec, PL; Brygida Masternak, PL; Małgorzata Mazur, PL, Chris Mercier, UK, Richard Paul Meszaros, DE Ondrej Michalek, CZ; Grzegorz Mycka, PL, Fay Nicolson, UK, Pavel Noga, CZ; Ortag Andreas, AT; Mariusz Palka, PL; Brigitte Pamperl,
AT, Jan Pamula, PL; Tibor Pataki, HU Bettina Patermo, AT; Darina Peeva, BG; Javier Gil Perez, ES; Eva Petrič, Slovenia; Krystina Piotrowksa, PL, Christine Pirker, AT; Wladyslaw Pluta, PL, Karol Pomykala, PL; Ilona Proczek-Kranc, PL, PUL, PL; Xenophon Sachinis, Greece; Atsuo Sakazume, JP Augusto Sampaio, BR; Zekerya Saribatur, AT; Schnitzler / KUSH, AT; Andrea Serafini, Italy; Alicja Snoch -Pawlowska, PL; Martina Stock, AT, Robert Svoboda, AT;
Vicky Tsalamata, Greece; Vania Valkova, BG, Francisco Velasco, ES; Linde Waber, AT; Ericka Walker, CA, Michael Wegerer, AT; Natalia White, AT; Elisabeth Weissensteiner, AT; Tomasz Winiarski, PL; Jana Wisniewski, AT; Rena Wota, PL, Barbara Zeigler, CA; Agnieszka Ziemiszewska, PL.


Danner Isik

Ingeborg Strobl

Klaus Staeck

Tarek Abubakr

Werner Reiterer

 What an amazing event!

I want to close with some disclaimers: much of the text, and most of images, found in this post is quoted from various sites promoting the exhibitions discussed. It was difficult to source english language descriptions of the projects and I’ve done my best to link back to the source sites (and in most cases the talented photographers of the work are cited there). Various aspects of researching this post made citing specific artist’s work difficult. If you see an image that is not attributed, note it in the comments and I’ll update the post as quickly as possible. It seemed after some deliberation, it was better to promote the great work in this exhibition before any more time passed, and to correct any missed attributions as we went along.

And a special thanks to Poskovic for helping this post happen at all.

And in closing, I wan to say how inspiring to see how much great print work is happen all over the world. But also, how sad for us in the this country, that so little of international arts coverage of the print world. If you see great print-related artwork in the world that is not getting covered in the US arts press, please bring it to our attention.

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2 Responses to “The In.Print.Out Exhibition”

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow, that does look like an incredible event! It’d be great if there could be a coordinated global event like this…

  2. Amze Emmons says:

    Thanks for your comments Courtney.
    I don’t know if you are familiar with the Impact conference, but I think it’s goal is to become a sort of global print event.