The Printeresting Micro-Grant is Back!


We are happy to roll out the Printeresting Micro-Grant for another year. Thanks once again to the continued support of our phenomenal advertisers (see those alluring buttons to the right?), we are once again in a position to give some love back to our community of readers. In this case, that love will come in the form of an infusion of currency to make some great art!

Last year, we were blown away by all the quality proposals we received, and after much deliberation we awarded the grant to Aimee Lusty & Booklyn, and we are very proud to have helped their great exhibition program.
And If you weren’t awarded the grant last time, please don’t be discouraged and give it another try.

The rules remain the same: Printeresting will give someone (or a group of someones) $250 to make something happen. That’s our criteria. It’s not a fortune but for a lot of us it could be the difference between idea and reality. If you read the site, you know what we like: interesting print projects. We like to keep it simple. And for the grant recipient, we will expect a follow-up report about the completed project in the form of a post to share with our readers. So if you’ve got a project in need of patronage, make the case in writing. And feel free to send up to four images (please, no larger than 1k pixels wide). Our email address is:, and use the subject heading “Micro-grant proposal 2013” The deadline for submission is midnight on October 15th.

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