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One of the first things that I noticed when walking into the Burning Bones Press was the funky tracks that played throughout the shop. Next, I noticed the variety of skulls, skeletons, and flames that covered the walls. The Burning Bones Press, owned by Carlos Hernandez and Patrick Masterson, is Houston’s only full-service printmaking studio, equipped to serve artists and contractors interested in screenprinting, etching, lithography, woodblock printing, monoprint, and more. Located in the Heights of Houston, the press has been open for about three years and is thriving with over fifteen artist members.

Carlos Hernandez is a local artist and professor at Rice University. His most known works are his gig posters and Day of the Dead Rock Star Series. Carlos has also worked on large scale murals, artwork, and signs for local venues and wine bottle labels for customers in Australia.

Patrick Masterson is the Master Printer at Burning Bones Press and is an instructor at the University of Houston and the Glassell School of Art. He has many tricks up his sleeves for printing in all methods. Patrick has worked on limited edition prints for Albert Paley, Tom Huck, Michael Bise, Trenton Doyle Hancock and more.

What Carlos and Patrick stress the most is that they are interested in educating the people about what printmaking has to offer. Masterson says that printmaking is about the “traditional, slow paced process” rather than quickly printing images from a commercial printer. Carlos and Patrick use the analogy that they are “analog printers in a digital age.”

Throughout the shop, you will also find trinkets and memorabilia of the Outlaw Printmakers such as Dennis McNett’s masks and Sean Starwars’ woodblocks. As you explore the shop you can find flags, stickers, sculptures and prints from Bill Fick, the Amazing Hancock Brothers, Evil Prints, Wolfbat Studios, Drive By Press and other Outlaw Printmakers.

Carlos Hernandez and Patrick Masterson

Patrick with artist, Michael Bise, for the signing of his prints.

The studio has a wealth of resources to give inspiration to it’s members.

Dennis McNett’s masks are displayed here as well as a Sean Starwars pig woodblock

The view from the back of the studio

Burning Bones merch for sale

Burning Bones member’s selling their prints

Carlos’ wall of gig posters

Carlos (left) and John Hancock (right) working on a 30 ft. Posada mash-up mural for a local bar

A view of the traveling show from the French Collective, Le Dernier Cri, at Burning Bones
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One Response to “Burning Bones Press”

  1. Amazing prints! I would like to receive information on the steamroller printing. I attended the first year on Main st. and really enjoyed it. Is it only once a year?