Portland Zine Symposium

WOW. Look at that crowd! Portland Zine Symposium is a two-day gathering of interesting conversation, awkward smiles, and hella good coffee.

As if Portland, Oregon wasn’t pleasant and awesome enough already; the 13th annual Portland Zine Symposium took place this past weekend giving zinesters and indie publishers a venue for trading, selling, and showing off DIY paper goods.

Organized by a team of six heavy-hitting organizers including Stolen Sharpie Revolution’s Alex Wrekk, Ms.Valerie Park Distro’s Joshua Amberson,  and PDX MC Christina ‘Blue’ Crow; Portland Zine Symposium was a well thought-out event which seemed to cater to the zinester over the customer with snacks, workshops, and off-site mingle events.

Cutting down stress and keeping Portland Zine Symposium a two-day event, Portland’s DIY community had plenty of time to wander the vast aisles of hand-printed and personally made goods. Mirroring Portland’s DIY support and countercultural print community, I’d say PDX is one of the most hospitable printmaking and zinemaking locales I’ve visited yet.

Hosting a Zine Prom at Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center, Portland Zine Symposium made sure to highlight the incredible resource that is the IPRC. With community letterpress facilities, a zine library, bookbinding tools, and more, the Independent Publishing Resource Center is THE go-to place for printing on the fly and in good company. Here are some photos to help recap the event (all taken by Christina ‘Blue’ Crow):


Zinester with interactive table does on-site portraits. Great idea!

PDX Zine Symposium organizer, Christina 'Blue' Crow, celebrates her last year as an organizing official.

A visual sampling of crowd and tablers at Portland Zine Symposium.

Diversity at its finest. Portland Zine Symposium hosts tablers from around the country with goods ranging from prints, to per-zines, to fantasy games.

Another gratuitous tabler shot.

WOW. Look at that crowd! Portland Zine Symposium is a two-day gathering of interesting conversation, awkward smiles, and hella good coffee.

The Zine Prom decoration committee prepares the Independent Publishing Resource Center for dancing, drinking, and smooching. Hey, I did all three! Not bad for an outta-towner, huh?

The Zine Prom snack table happily helps zinesters avoid hangovers the next day. Nice try guys. I was still hungover as were many others. Day 2 at Zine Symposium was long.

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One Response to “Portland Zine Symposium”

  1. katie says:

    Hello! My name is Katie – I’m one of the organizers of the Portland Zine Symposium. Thanks for the write up!

    Just wanted to let you know that I don’t think Blue took these pictures… she may have taken some of them, but I know the first one of the little kid getting drawn by Asher was taken by another organizer Cheyenne, and I don’t think Blue could’ve taken the one of herself…

    Anyway, not sure it matters too much but wanted to chime in. Thanks again for attending and enjoying the event! I’m glad you had a good time!!