Mail Bag!

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A matching envelope and card we received from the good folks at the Fiji Island Mermaid Press. Thanks!

On rare days we will get mail from our readers. And I don’t mean email, or even letters, we get printed stuff. Very cool printed stuff. After a long day of staring at a computer there is nothing finer than opening an actual envelope that contains actual printed art.
This and future Mail Bag posts will attempt to show some selections of the amazing printed stuff people have sent us through the mail. Enjoy.

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In the late Spring we got a package containing the three latest issues of Hurray for Redundance zine.

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A collaged affair, full of razor wit and timely parataxis.

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Michelle, Thanks for the cool zines!

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A while ago we got this great zine, hello hello.

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It’s a collection of cool illustration work.

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Thank you, Jamie Hogan!

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And a long while ago (what can we say? It’s been a busy year), we got this great catalog of work by the artist Shelley Thorstensen.

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Shelley has been a long-time supporter of the site and we were very keen to so many examples of her work.

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It’s chok-full of beautiful reproductions of her work and several very insightful essays.

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Thanks, Shelley!

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2 Responses to “Mail Bag!”

  1. You’re welcome, printeresting! thanks, amze!

  2. Oooh! I wrote one of Shelley’s essays – thanks for saying they were insightful! 😉