The New Evil Prints

…Well it’s not exactly brand new at this point, but after five years on South Vandeventer Ave, Tom Huck’s Evil Prints moved to a prime new location in St. Louis’s downtown lofts district last summer. I stopped by two weeks ago to check out Huck’s new digs at 1531 Washington Ave.

Those familiar with the former Evil Prints shop will remember its well furnished front room and massive warehouse-style pressroom just behind (check it out here). The new space is slightly smaller in comparison, but still provides a generous amount of workspace and enough room for two etching presses –  one of them clocking in at a whopping 4’x8’ –  and a screen printing setup. It even has free A/C!  The entire studio is well kept, organized, and less industrial than the last; maybe just a bit cleaner cut overall.  The aesthetic transition from shop to shop was seamless, keeping the signature Evil Prints red-and-black color scheme and walls decked out with prints, pinups, PBR, and everything in between.  Seems like the perfect new home for the Evil Prints crew.

Aside from Huck and company using the space to produce their own work, Evil Prints offers workshops ranging from woodcut master classes to introductory silkscreen – they even have kids screen printing workshops for 7-10 year olds coming up. They run an annual summer woodcut bootcamp, and occasionally bring in visiting artists to pull prints for their publishing imprint Evil Head Editions.  They’ll also be hosting the upcoming second biennial Printbangerz Ball in August.

Huck’s giant custom press made by the Sauer Machine Co., appropriately named Tiny.

An inside look at Huck’s workspace. He’s been working on some new large-scale woodblocks for his new triptych “The Tommy Peepers” which will be released in November.  It’s the second in an ongoing series of woodcut triptychs called “Booger Stew.”

Large prints call for larger flat files.

Screens for the official Outlaw Printmakers colors.

Woflbat spotting

Thanks to Huck & Courtney for showing me around.

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  1. Good article Josh. I have added a link to your post to my interview with Emmett Merrill of the Kansas City Art Institute.