New Carrier Pigeon!

Okay, so we’ve told you this before – but Carrier Pigeon is just absolutely killing it, and issue number 9 is out. So. Get. It.

Richard Kegler, Carrier Pigeon (3)1. Photo via Carrier Pigeon

The cover is a gorgeous three-color letterpress image by Richard Kegler, produced at the Western New York Book Arts Center. This issue features artist portfolios by Jennifer Ale, Chuck Webster, Alex Zwarenstein, Glen Baldridge, Jessica Dunne and Bill Fick. Illustrations by Carol Fabricatore, Maude White, Yuriko Katori, and Justin Sanz (who’s recent works at Blackburn’s Lithography: Here and Now show were just totally fierce) also highlight this issue.

The release party at NYC’s Grit and Glory (pictured above) was super fun. Artwork by Carrier Pigeon artists is up on display through June first, if you find yourself on the lower east side this weekend. Otherwise, flip through the issue here.

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